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Alicja Aratyn

Alicja Aratyn is a Chemist and Master in Environmental Engineering from Poland. She’s also a Reverend with CIMM and carries the Doctorate of Metaphysics. Alicja is a gifted healer, who sees people's energy and removes disturbances from past lives, entities and extraterrestrials. She helps people from many walks of life to bring positive changes and desired effects. Alicja's meta-physical training is based on the Old European School of Radiesthesia and Ancient Egyptian School of Vibrations and Sacred Geometry. Alicja lectures and teaches around the world and is known for turning strictly scientific knowledge into delightful, comprehensive and practical use. She systemized and re-structured the old teaching systems, and created a unique system "Science of Dowsing." According to Alicja, dowsing is the best example of direct application of Sacred Geometry, which helps improve health conditions, quality of live performance, relationship status and the calibre of prosperity.

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About this course

If you (like me) are a person who is dedicated and interested in helping people healing pain, traumas and other physical condition, I recorded this course with you in mind! 

It will help you understand those problems profoundly and give you access to ancient methods of diagnosis and hard-to-find effective ways to heal. 

Together we will achieve that goal by combining many traditional teachings from different belief systems intertwined with cutting-edge discoveries of the most recent medical and scientific research. 

Included are some exercises that will allow you to get your first-hand experience on "How, Why, When and What”.

The course is over 10 hours of many short but intense classes. 

I offer you those two gifts having in mind: 

  1. Helping you to either initiate your healing or help you to bring it to a much higher level
  2. Significantly lowering the course price for you, but - what is most important to me - allowing you to begin your work with the proper knowledge on which (I hope) we will expand together in near future!

In this course, you will learn:

  • Methods of effective locating and identifying health problems
  • How to prioritize them and why it is important
  • Chinese Traditional Medicine, Emotions Code, Native People of America and Germanic New Medicine approach to health and sickness - differences and similarities
  • Removing pain fast, effectively, and permanently
  • Ancient Egyptian and Modern Method of Balancing Chakras and when to use which
  • Working with DNA Spiral
  • The whole treatment of the Medical Radiesthesia procedure.

You will also get many handouts to print and use in your therapeutic practice.

This course is a perfect way to expand your previously acquired knowledge and build a new carrier as a much-needed in our time Energy Therapist!

Running time:  10h 20 minutes