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Coach LJ

I am a wife, mom, nana, pet mom, coach, church president, public speaker, and entrepreneur. I am passionate about helping people reimagine their "retirement," avoid the missteps and errors I made, and be able to live the next chapter of their lives focusing on what matters most to them, doing what they love. I also passionately believe that we all have much to share after we leave our initial work life. You have unique talents, skills and knowledge that no one else can bring to the world. I help coaching participants start wherever they are, find or re-find themselves, determine what really matters to them, and give them the tools, resources and support that will lead them to live begin the journey to life on their terms, loving what they do. Let's reimagine your retirement together! I'm ready...are you?

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About this course

Often there are very well-meaning people in our lives that lead you in a direction that is not in our best interests.  That, I'm sure you'd agree with.  What if I told you that in many fact, probably a high percentage of cases, YOU are that person!  You are often what is getting in your way and not allowing you to take actions you know you should or do things that lead you to exactly what you want...and need!  Yes, You Are Your Own Worst Enemy.

This two-day (four hours per day) workshop with that very title, "Your Own Worst Enemy" is just what you need if you think...or know...that you are one of the biggest reasons that you aren't able to move as quickly as you'd like...or even take action at all...toward the life you want...or to accomplish those goals and dreams that have been on hold too long.

You'll get a copy of my e-book, "Your Own Worst Enemy" and he accompanying workbook that will guide our discussions on these two days.  And, support to identify and learn to deal with those self-defeating behaviors that prevent you from moving forward and jumping on great opportunities.

We'll discuss ways that you know that you hold yourself back--and why.  We'll also dive into how to identify several of the most common self-defeating behaviors that most of us likely use, what they really mean, how they hold you back, how you spot these behaviors in yourself and how to deal with them.

Don't wait...let's get these behaviors out of your way now!

Join me at 10 AM on July 8 and July 9.   We'll accomplish a lot in those eight hours.

Coach LJ