Your Guide

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Visionary Lisa Thelen

Hi there! I consider myself a visionary because I see energy. This is gift I was born with (encouraged & developed through my connection with my grandfather, who I consider to be a Medical Intuitive). I believe we ALL have the gift- so let's explore it together! My dream is to empower and inspire you to explore your dreams and to enhance your well being and natural awesomeness! Let's shine in this world together, shall we?

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About this course

I'd like to personally invite you to join me on this quest to claim a whole, healthy, and beautiful life experience.  

On this quest, I will be sharing the knowledge, tools, and steps my grandfather and my non-physical friend, Tommy, shared with me to cultivate healing and harmony in my life.  This isn't only for me .... YOU too can have healing and harmony in your life as well!  

Once you say "Yes!" to the quest, dive in and put your learning into action, there is no way your life won't be changed.  

I trust you can see the value in having a guide to assist you on this journey.  

It's time to ignite the light, my friend!