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Dr. Trish Leigh

Dr. Trish Leigh, is the developer of where she provides workshops and coaching to re-wire people's brains, businesses, and lives. Check out for more information. She can help you overcome ADHD, anxiety, and internet addictions. Reach your full potential with Dr. Trish Leigh.

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About this course

In this short program, Dr. Trish leigh teaches you the fundamentals you need to know on how to help yourself and your man during a sexual relationship crisis. 

Once you know, there are actions steps you can take to move forward with more peace and understanding. I can help you understand and move forward. If you feel lost, I can help you feel confident again. 

  • How Porn Becomes Addictive
  • How Porn Stays Addictive & Worsens
  • How Porn Ruins Relationships
  • Step 1 - Ignorance is Bliss as the Addiction Cycle Worsens
  • Step 2 - Discovery Day and What You Do About It.
  • Step 3 - Essential, Yet Different, Stages for You and Your Partner
  • Step 4 - Bottom Line Day - Important PLace for you to get to.
  • Step 5- Recovery: Un-wire, Re-Wire, Hard-wire.
  • Bonus - Should You Stay or Go? How Do You Know?