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Visionary Lisa Thelen

Hi there! I consider myself a visionary because I see energy. This is gift I was born with (encouraged & developed through my connection with my grandfather, who I consider to be a Medical Intuitive). I believe we ALL have the gift- so let's explore it together! My dream is to empower and inspire you to explore your dreams and to enhance your well being and natural awesomeness! Let's shine in this world together, shall we?

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About this course

For many, many years, mystics and visionaries have studied, connected to, and worked with the chakra system. 

The purpose of Learning Through the Chakras is to share how the  energy centers can influence our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.   

Over one week,  we will dive in and revisit each major chakras and we will put the ideas, concepts, and tools into action! The anticipated outcome will be an opportunity for you to BEcome whole, healthy and connected.

Jump on in.... YOU DESERVE THIS!