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Hi, my name is Amanda Brown. I'm a business consultant, author, and course creator. Following a corporate career (when I wished I'd had access to LinkedIn, instead of a Roladex), I have used my many years of experience to help business owners grow their companies using online marketing. For business to business companies, LinkedIn is unrivaled as method of finding the right people in the right companies in order to build valuable relationships. For businesses which sell to the consumer, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as Pinterest are also valuable social media platforms you need to keep up to date with. I have helped hundred of clients build highly valuable networks, raise the awareness of their brand and gain prospects and clients using social media.

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About this course


Learn the optimal ways to grow your network with highly relevant people

Discover the system for connecting with your "HOT 100" using advanced people search.

Pinpoint the exact people you want to do business with.


$27 | c.£19

In this Workshop you'll learn:

  • How to use advanced search to find your ideal customers.
  • The optimal process for inviting people to connect.
  • The simplest, quickest way to keep track of your connections.
  • How to respond to people who invite you to connect.
  • How to take advantage of the "People also viewed" feature.
  • Tap into your competitors' networks and leverage their connections.
  • How to comply with LinkedIn's rules.
  • How not to get your account compromised or shut down.

If you are looking to grow your network with highly relevant prospective clients and partners then this is the Workshop for you.