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Cynthia Morris

Certified coach, author and artist, I have been coaching writers and artists since 1999. I thrive in the creative process and have published books, sold art and coached hundreds of people to their own creative success. Reach me at

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About this course

Annual Review for Creatives

Live online workshop with Cynthia Morris 

Thursday, December 16th, 10 am - 12:00 pm MDT

Cost: $66

How was your 2021? Perhaps you feel that you didn’t do as much writing or art-making as you hoped back in January. 

It’s not all a loss! Our creativity is always at play. In times of strife, we are called to respond with all the innovation we can muster. We’re forced to be resilient and inventive. 

Join me in the Annual Review for Creatives workshop to cultivate a sense of appreciation for yourself and your efforts. In this live online workshop, we’re going to trawl through 2021 to highlight how our creativity helped us survive this extreme year. We will reflect on our resourcefulness in our relationships, at work, and our creative pursuits. 

Then, we will take stock of our creative endeavors. It might seem like you didn’t do what you wanted, or get as much creative work in as you would have liked. But chances are, it was better than you think. 

Together, we will: 

  • Take stock of what we did
  • Acknowledge how we felt
  • Appreciate our resourcefulness
  • Give ourselves credit for the creative work we devoted ourselves to
  • Honor and celebrate ourselves to fill our creative well for 2022. 

When we pause and take stock of our efforts, we almost always discover that we have more to be grateful for than we think. You will leave the workshop with insights you would have missed. I’ll share additional ways to expand your review process with a handful of creative approaches.

Join us on Thursday, December 16th, 10 am - 12:00 pm MDT. (That's 9:00 am PDT, 11:00 am CDT, 12:00 EDT and 5:00 GMT.) Check your time zone here. 

You’ll get: 

  • Preliminary work to prepare - not too much, don’t fret!

  • Two-hour live, interactive workshop

  • Handouts to use during the workshop

  • Ideas to keep exploring 2021 using your creative assets 

  • Facilitation by seasoned annual review writer, artist, author, and coach Cynthia Morris

  • Access to the replay and private group forum through 12/31/2021 (NOT Facebook!)

Pay what you want pricing

This workshop is priced at $66. If you want to pay $66, click here to register.

If you wish to pay less or more than $66, that’s okay with me. I want everyone to join this workshop even if funds are limited. 

To pay any other amount, simply click this link to make a payment in the amount of your choosing

Please add a note in your order: Annual Review Workshop. 

Once I receive your payment, you will receive an invitation to register for the class on my online class zone, Ruzuku. Simply accept the invitation and you will be in the course.  The course will be open or live on December 13th.

I went through this process myself and can’t wait to share it with you. I was astonished at how much better the year was than I thought.