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Judith Pinto

I am a Registered Occupational Therapist (Alberta, Canada). Meeting the needs of neurodiverse children and adults is the focus of my practice. I am also an experienced educator. All of my educational offerings integrate a deep understanding of neurodevelopment, sensory processing, and attachment theory. Because my priority is helping people be calm and confident in their important life roles, you won't have to learn a lot of theory or memorize brain maps to learn and apply what you need in these courses. NOTE: My educational offerings are NOT a substitute for medical or therapeutic assessment or intervention. If you need medical or therapy supports, please work with a regulated therapist in your area.

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About this course

In this pre-recorded mini-workshop, you'll be invited to complete several reflective activities - so keep a pen and notebook handy! - to help you start the process of taming your child's tantrums - today! You'll have a better understanding of what it is you want, why it matters to you, what gets in your way, and a deliberate practice plan to put in place to get there.  Begin your journey to a warmer, more enjoyable relationship with your child.

The price: $7  (and some of your time to watch the video and complete the activities).

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