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Mindy Lacefield

Hi! My name is Mindy and I am inspired and paint from the nostalgia of my childhood. Channeling my inner 8 year old. Painting my dreams into reality. I teach. I learn. I play. I make mistakes. I celebrate those mistakes because they become happy, magical moments from the Divine.

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About this course

Do you love Halloween ? Do you love the Holidays? Do you love A Nightmare before Christmas? This year, I am combining my two favorite beloved holidays and creating a mash-up. The lessons will be light hearted, creepy cute, and a Howling good time! 


  • Registration $85
  • Patreon price is $72.25
  • 10 total lessons (9 from me and 1 art lesson and halloween talk from Cindy)
  • Guest Artist: Cindy Skawinski- she is our Halloween expert!

Lesson plans

  • creepy cutie ghoulish girl (see photo to the left)
  • cover lettering and texture
  • frightful delightful snowman
  • Holiday/Halloween mashup page - think Dracula biting into a candy cane
  • creating our journal
  • Cute Frankenstein
  • Haunted Gingerbread and more!
  • 13 videos total
  • 4 hours of video creating time.


How long will I have access to the course? Lifetime access. 

Do I need all the supplies on the supply list? No, I am all about using what you have on hand. 

How do we share our work? We will be sharing and cheering you on in the classroom.

**SUPPLY list will be emailed to you when you sign up for the class. Watch for the welcome email. I will have the journal making video ready for you to watch (with supplies you'll need the moment you signup. That way you can start making your journal and get prepped.

Ghost Host: Mindy Lacefield

Ghost Host: Cindy Skawinski