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Crista A. Hopp, M.A. is an Executive Function/ADHD/Academic coach and owner of Connected Pathways Coaching, LLC. Her mission is to help students believe in themselves and have the tools to succeed understanding these are the first steps to connecting the pathways to their future. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Rowan University and a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Bowie University.

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About this course

Hi, I’m Crista Hopp. I’ve been very fortunate to have a variety of experiences that led me to coaching

Many years ago, I realized that there were other professionals and parents who had students with executive function challenges, but didn’t quite understand them. It’s been my vision for several years to create a course that could be for teachers, parents, and coaches. I wanted to make sure to provide useful information (like brain science, research, and an easy way to understand executive functions) and techniques that can be used at home and school. More and more we are seeing students that come to us, that have EF challenges. Let’s be real, we use EFs everyday of our lives