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Everyone should have access to quality physical activity opportunities that are safe, enjoyable, convenient, and affordable. National Association for Physical Activity and the programs they endorse all serve this ultimate objective. Whether you are on your own fitness and health journey or you are helping others to become the best versions of themselves, we are here to support you every step of the way!

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About this course

Become a Lifestyle Change Coach

This done-for-you course allows you to stop worrying about creating a weight-loss and disease prevention program and focus on coaching your clients to success instead. Expand your client base and make the most of your time by helping people take back control of their health and their lives with weekly accountability Zoom meetings, in-person meetings, or even weekly phone calls.

This LIVE YOUR POWER Lifestyle Change Program is extremely comprehensive and is a wonderful tool for diabetes education, weight loss, reversing pre-diabetes or diabetes, and helping to prevent or reverse metabolic disease. It is the PERFECT place to start for clients or students to work through as they gain confidence and learn to take back control of their health and happiness.

To become a Lifestyle Change Coach, you simply need to complete the Lifestyle Change Program as a student. When you coach your clients through this program it will be about 6 months. When you register, the entire course will be open for you to complete at your own pace. We will work with you throughout the course to clarify each step as you go. And yes, you have to do all of the workouts so that you have a very clear understanding of what you will be asking of your students.

REGISTER NOW to become a Lifestyle Coach so that you can help people navigate their weight loss expedition with support and confidence. Our emphasis is on helping people stick to their goals by providing non-judgmental support, accountability and guidance as they follow the elements of the program that work for them.

This is the exact type of course that YOUR clients will go through with YOU as their guide and guru to get them through the hard times and to help them stay focused and on track. 

We can even help you develop custom workouts and entries that feature instructional and workout videos by YOU! 

When you complete this course, you'll be able to coach your own clients through this done-for-you course and you keep 100% of the payments you receive for your coaching! If you set your prices at the going rate, you'll more than make up the cost of the course with ONE CLIENT!

Get started today!