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Michelle Bersell

Michelle Bersell, M.A., M.Ed., is the founder of The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment. Bersell’s unique background as teacher, psychotherapist, author and speaker allows her to reach thousands around the world to the next generation of emotional intelligence to Emotional Empowerment™, which teaches how turn negative emotions into your greatest allies.

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About this course

The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment invites you to attend Addressing Burnout in Women at Work.

This free training is taking place Wednesday, October 20th at  12pm EST/11am CST/9am PST.

The 2021 Women in Workplace Study conducted by McKinsey and Lean In has demonstrated the dire straits female employees are experiencing due to their occupations.  You are invited to this free training that provides insight as to why women continue to experience higher rates of burnout, emotional exhaustion, and  mental health challenges.  Despite advances made to increase flexibility and mental health awareness, key components to emotional health continue to be unintentionally missed by well-intentioned corporations. Join this free training to gain insight on: 

  • The reason flexibility still doesn’t get to the root of burnout 
  • The way forward to not overload managers with their team’s emotional well-being 
  • Advances made that are working 
  • The areas that still need improvement 
  • The impact both women and men can create when it comes to dissolving burnout within their organization 

Click on the orange "Register Now" button at the top of this page to claim your seat. 

We look forward to seeing you at this training!