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Beth Wolfe, Chief Creator

Chief Creator @ Platinum L.I.F.E. University & Coaching "Life In Full Expression" Cert-Life Mastery Consultant, Brave Thinking Institute; Adjunct Professor, Olympic College; Board Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer (Medicine) Founder & CE0 of Beth Wolfe Global Solutions, LLC

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About this course


This program will help you challenge the common belief that stress is inherently harmful to our health, and uncover new, more adaptive ways of thinking about and responding to stress. You'll learn how to get better at coping with stress, and how to embrace the stress in our lives.

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Inside this program, you’ll also discover:

  1.  How to harness DHEA (the “chill” stress hormone) and oxytocin (the “cuddle” hormone) to manage stress AND lower your risk for depression, anxiety, and heart disease.

  2.  Bad day to good day: The 3-Step Power Move that boosts your energy and helps you maintain control during stressful situations so you can take meaningful action that supports your goals and well-being.

  3.  Studies show: Elevated stress can increase your risk of dying by 43% but ONLY if you believe this debilitating myth! Get the facts so you can protect your health and improve your longevity.

  4.  Think you’re doomed to “fight, freeze or flight” every time you face stressful situations? Think again! Discover 3 rarely-mentioned response pathways you can implement right away to sharpen your focus, deepen your relationships, and rise to your challenges.

  5.  Find out what 125,000 people from 25 countries can teach you about happiness, long life expectancy, and overall well-being despite dealing with some of the highest stress levels on the planet!

  6.  What never to do when you begin to feel stressed out...and the simple surprise “adjustment” that ensures you thrive under pressure. 

  7. How to unleash your inner hero to defeat worry, despair, and isolation--the villains of stress--AND create transformative change for yourself and those you love.

And much more…

Say YES and start saying “goodbye” to more and more worry, despair, and isolation that so often accompany stress, and WELCOME yourself to thriving even in the most dis-stressful circumstances, conditions and situations

Beth Wolfe, 

Chief Creator @ Platinum L.I.F.E University & Coaching