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Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

My name is Kristin Carpenter-Ogden and I am the founder of Verde Brand Communications and For the past 14 years at Verde, I’ve coached and consulted over 200 iconic brands in the outdoor, bike, snow, fitness, health + wellness and endurance markets successfully grow sales while engaging with and growing audiences and fan bases. With, I bring my 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in these markets and all I've learned through Verde to entrepreneurs and business owners in these markets. I serve through coaching and mentorship, the A-Game Mastermind, the Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast and value-driven weekly free content in my newsletter. I'm stoked you're here!

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About this course

If you’re a business owner working in the outdoor active lifestyle markets or an entrepreneur based in a mountain town, I think I might just know exactly what you want in life. … And, I’m fairly sure that I can help you attain it too, with two brand-new trainings.

My name is Kristin Carpenter-Ogden and I happen to also be a mountain-town based serial entrepreneur. I’m the CEO and founder of Verde Brand Communications, a leading agency in the active outdoor lifestyle markets and also, the founder of LivingUber, a community dedicated to serving and supporting to entrepreneurs just like us!

The reason I am pretty sure I know what you want is because I used to be you. For many years, the dream of having the entrepreneurial lifestyle I envisioned when I launched my company was way out of my reach. I couldn’t even dyno to it, if I tried to. It was frustrating – really frustrating actually. … Owning your own company is highly personal and it seemed the further away I got from the vision I had when I launched, the worse I felt. 


Here was my dream:

  • I wanted to be my own boss (in fact, I was having a tough time working for someone else!) 
  • I wanted to be able to set my own schedule, enabling me to be free to spend more time with family, friends being outdoors as much as I could
  • I didn’t want to be limited by someone else’s idea of what my salary should be
  • I wanted to focus my career on doing exactly what I love
  • I wanted to have job security right here in my mountain-town home


See? We have a lot in common. …


But, somewhere between launching our own companies and making the business successful, the vision of having The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle became far more perception than actual reality.

If this is your truth, you’re SO not alone. 

I grew so tired of working more, making less money and having very little free time that I almost gave up on my dream of being an entrepreneur several times – I kid you not.

While I quickly found out that having my own business didn’t guarantee The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle, it took me years of self-education, investing in consultants and frankly, being able to ask for help, to turn it all around. 

I founded Living Uber to offer entrepreneurs and creative innovators support, insights, training and inspiration in a community of like-minded peers who have access to life-changing trainings built just for them. I am dedicated to helping my clients and my community members get on a new path forward as business owners.

What’s the path, you ask? Designing your business to support your lifestyle. 

In the past four months, I’ve researched and built two trainings that will help you achieve your version of the nirvana of The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle. It’s more than possible, and I want to show you how to get it!

The trainings are called the Play More Make More™ Kick-A$$ Business Classes.

Both are audio/online based self-study training programs. 

The first training is absolutely FREE because I wanted my community to get a sense of the work I do – it’s more of “the why.” The first training also is a primer – it will get your head in the game big time and sharpen your focus so that you can invest your time and money exactly where its needed to enable you to grow your business, refine your brand and take back your life! 

The second is a Mastermind Course, and it goes deep on the “How.” The Play More Make More™ Kick-A$$ Mastermind Training is designed to deliver entrepreneurial mastery. Take this course and up-level your business, increase your income and profit and start living your ideal life – BOOM!

 Both are hand-built just for passion-driven entrepreneurs who are committed to working in the active outdoor lifestyle markets or living in small towns that enable them to have fast access to their outdoor playground of choice (or both!). 


Committing yourself to my formula, systems and approach will result in you:

  • Making more money by working on your business and not in your business
  • Attracting ideal clients and customers with an amazing, passion-driven brand
  • Spending more time playing outdoors
  • Being the relaxed version of yourself (no more overwhelm allowed!)
  • Having quality time with your family and friends
  • Having a life again, for Pete’s sake, and having more money and freedom to enjoy it!


If this is something you’d like to have in your life, join me! I mean, the first one’s free – what do you have to lose?