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Girls on Boards

Mia Lockhart, Director and Founder of Girls on Boards will be guiding you through this leadership course with live zoom calls and interactive lessons. Mia started Girls on Boards in 2017 as a mission near and dear to her heart. Her desire to build body confidence and self love through immersive recreational experiences as radical activism for both gender equality and improving mental health comes from her own experience of anorexia as a young teen, then raising girls in this high pressure age and also seeing the power of healing and empowerment in our own bodies as a massage therapist for 20 years. Her goal with this training is to not only build a community of leaders bringing Girls on Boards programs to their areas but to also lift up and empower a group of self-loving, change makers creating a better tomorrow by showing up more fully today. You are here for a reason, if this work resonates with you, let's amplify it in YOU. Thank you for being here.

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About this course

Welcome to the Girls on Boards Leadership Training & Licensed Provider Program!  This is going to be a training program comprised of ~10 hours of videos of our live courses and conversations followed by homework assignments that we will be reading personally.

Once you have completed all of your homework and submitted your required certificates we will set up a time for you to facilitate a virtual Girls on Boards event with our team.  Upon successful completion we will work with you to help you launch the program in your area.

We need passionate, self starters, ready to share your gifts and empower your community.  Are you the right fit?

At Girls On Boards, it is our mission to empower youth to love their bodies, trust their core and feel their power. 

Our goal with the Licensed Provider Program is to build a network of providers of Recreation Empowerment Programs, using the power of immersive recreational experiences infused with vulnerable, body positive conversations to create a positive impact on the mental and physical health of youth in our community. 

Help us get more confident, girls on boards and share our mission of loving your body, trusting your core and feeling your power through recreation empowerment. Our training program and licensing will give you the support and platform to bring these programs into your community.


Our program is open confident, responsible, female-identifying leaders over age 19.  Before certification is granted, leaders will be required to submit proof of instructor level nationally recognized certification (or equivalent) in their sport, up-to-date Standard First Aid certification, a local police check to ensure safety working with youth, proficiency in their sport, leadership abilities and proof or access to program insurance. You MUST complete the Leadership Training Program (which includes weekly live calls lead by Mia, GOB Founder) in order to become eligible certified as a Licensed Provider in any one (or multiple) of the 3 training modules.

**Completing this course does not guarantee full licensing rights, all applicants will be reviewed and Certifications will be granted by Girls on Boards based on qualification.