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Amy Castro, MA, CSP

Amy Castro is a leadership and team development expert, speaker, and author. She has a B.A. in Journalism from George Washington University and an M.A. in Communication from University of Northern Colorado. Amy is also a Certified Speaking Professional, the highest earned designation conferred by the National Speakers Association on only 17% of members worldwide. Amy is an Air Force veteran and served as a captain in the public affairs field. After leaving the Air Force, she started her training company, Triad Communication, LLC in 1994. Her books include “Practical Communication: 25 Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Getting Along and Getting Things Done” and “The Secrets of Effective Leadership.”

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About this course

Critical Communication Skills for Leaders

No matter if you're a leader in an an organization, a manager in a small business, or a business owner, the ability to communicate effectively with your employees is what makes or breaks your success and the success of your organization. Truly successful leaders actively seek to improve their communication skills every day. This course includes the following content: 

Module 1: Communication Basics: Choosing words wisely, effective nonverbal communication, and active listening

In this session, you will learn the critical communication skills all leaders need, including assertive word choices that get results, sending the “right” nonverbal messages, controlling emotions in interactions, and effective listening techniques. A bonus exercise and handout will share how to choose the right communication channel for the message (Email? Staff meeting? One-on-one meeting? Phone?).

Module 2: Motivating Your Employees 

In this session, you will learn about human motivation, how it works, it’s applications, and benefits. You’ll also discover motivation myths and learn how you can improve motivation for each of your individual employees.

Module 3: Coaching Your Employees

In this session, you will learn what coaching really is and why coaching employees is critical to their success and motivation.  You’ll also learn the specific steps for coaching employees with performance problems and even more importantly, how to coach your superstars who often get forgotten.  

Module 4: Conquering Conflict: Handling Employee Conflict with Ease 

In this session, you will learn the risks and benefits of conflicts, identify the various conflict styles people exhibit in the workplace, identify your own conflict style, and learn skills and techniques for managing conflict between employees. You’ll also receive a bonus template for planning an effective conflict discussion.  

Module 5: Making Meetings Work 

In this session, you will learn the negative impact of too many meetings and ineffective meetings on employee morale and productivity. You’ll also learn the key steps for determining when to hold a meeting, who to invite, and the pre-meeting work that must be done to ensure meeting success. You’ll also receive a template for an effective meeting agenda and tips and techniques for keeping meetings on track with that agenda. Finally, you’ll learn the importance of conducting post-meeting follow up to ensure assigned tasks are completed and agreements are upheld.


Critical Communication Skills for Leaders is a fast paced and engaging course made up of content that includes:

  • Weekly Leadership Lesson (video) by leadership communication expert, speaker, and author Amy Castro, MA, CSP.
  • Participant handouts, downloads, and assignments
  • Self-assessments and quizzes
  • Key templates and worksheets for implementing skills learned
  • References for additional outside resources


About the Facilitator

Amy Castro, MA, CSP, President, Innovative Communication & Training Solutions 

Amy Castro is a recognized Performance Communication expert, speaker, author, and blogger. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the George Washington University and a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies/Human Communication Theory from the University of Northern Colorado. Amy has also earned the prestigious “Certified Speaking Professional” (CSP) status conferred by the National Speakers Association. The CSP status is the highest earned designation in the National Speakers Association with fewer than 12 percent of members worldwide earning this status.  

Amy is a proud Air Force veteran, having served as a captain in the public affairs career field. After leaving the Air Force, she founded Innovative Communication & Training Solutions, which celebrated its 20-year anniversary in 2014. Amy is a board member of the Houston chapter of the National Speakers Association, a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, member of the Association for Talent Development, and a member of both the American Communication Association and National Communication Association. She also served as an adjunct faculty member at San Jacinto College for more than 10 years, teaching public speaking and business/professional speaking. Amy is the author of the books Practical Communication: 25 Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Getting Along and Getting Things Done, The Secrets of Effective Leadership Communication, and the 30-day video training program, Communication Skills for Career Success

Amy uses her down-to-earth style, REAL stories, humor, and fun to create her customized and engaging programs for her government clients focused on Performance Communication: Assertive Communication that is Positive, Purposeful, and Practical. Her goal is for participants to leave her sessions ready to easily put new communication skills to use immediately. 

Amy has served a variety of government, corporate, and healthcare clients, including Texas Children's Hospital, Lockheed Martin, NASA Johnson Space Center, Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts, and SAIC, as well as more than 25 cities and counties in the State of Texas. To see a full client list and to read what clients have to say, visit her website at