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Healthy and Happy

Everyone should have access to quality physical activity opportunities that are safe, enjoyable, convenient, and affordable. National Association for Physical Activity and the programs they endorse all serve this ultimate objective. Whether you are on your own fitness and health journey or you are helping others to become the best versions of themselves, we are here to support you every step of the way!

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About this course

Join us for our FIRST ANNUAL 5k and 10k WALK IT OFF: low impact easy-to-follow go-nowhere-fast walking and moving to music!

Join us the day AFTER Thanksgiving to WALK off all those extra calories! We'll take a moment to celebrate our blessings, make some new friends, and then we'll get to our WALK together with easy moves and lotsa great music!

WHEN? Friday November 26 at 9am

This is a great way to get more active and meet fun people, and an important fundraiser for the National Association for Physical Activity, a non-profit providing tools and trainings to make physical activity accessible and enjoyable for everybody. 

All proceeds go towards providing integrated and inclusive Social Sports Clubs for ALL AGES and ABILITIES!

Your $39 Happy and Healthy Donation Package Includes: 

  • registration for the event,
  •  a complimentary 7-day FEEL-GOOD Fitness Course for a Healthier Happier YOU
  • snacks and good company following the event, and fun gifts and surprises

About Your Complimentary Course...

Are you experiencing health issues? Are you gaining weight and having a hard time getting it off? Are you worried about your future and if you're heading for chronic disease and maybe even premature death from your unhealthy lifestyle choices? 

Have you tried weight loss and workouts before and "failed?" Have you ever felt ashamed, embarrassed, or unable to do even the "beginner" workouts? 

You'll be absolutely DELIGHTED to discover that now you can workout from your EASY-CHAIR and take the first steps to avoiding or even reversing diabetes and other chronic disease. 

YES! You CAN prevent or reverse Type 2 Diabetes! In this course you'll learn more about Diabetes and how to prevent or reverse it through Physical Activity. 

Staying physically active can seem like a daunting challenge, but the health benefits are INCREDIBLE! You'll learn all about it in this FREE BONUS course. 

A lot of people have the notion that if your fitness routine isn't painful, boring, or just plain miserable, it isn't effective. But that simply is not the case.

Fitness can be the best, most rewarding and renewing part of your day! As you explore seven different workout formats, you'll discover just how enjoyable fitness can be! 

In this Exciting Course you will...

  • Learn why exercise is so important for preventing or reversing pre diabetes or diabetes.
  • Evaluate your personal barriers and motivation to start an exercise program.
  • Learn simple exercises that you can do at home to boost your energy and overall wellness.
  • Participate in a 7-day fitness challenge and prove to yourself that you CAN DO IT!! 
  • Experience at-home exercise formats that you can do with no equipment in limited space.
  • Discover just how ENJOYABLE it can be to create a daily fitness routine.
  • Challenge yourself to transform your health and your life. 

And with your workouts you will...

  • Get on the floor NEVER! 
  • Move at a pace that is comfortable for you 
  • Feel the burn and BURN those calories!

You've Got This!!