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Jenny Blake

I love helping awesome people (like you!) find clarity, flow, freedom and momentum in life and work. One of my mottos for tackling complex projects: let it be easy, let it be fun. I look forward to working with you in this course! For additional resources, visit and subscribe to the Pivot Podcast wherever you listen to 'casts :)

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About this Course

Earlier this year I was in Bali, taking a break at a cafe overlooking a koi pond and rice field behind that.

All of a sudden, a bright blue dragonfly landed on the upper right-hand corner of my iPad. It stayed there for nearly ten minutes as I continued flicking pages of the Kindle book I was reading. At first I thought nothing of it, then I figured, hey—maybe he came bearing a message, knowing that in many ancient cultures animals are seen as bearing messages, particularly when they come close or seem to appear out of nowhere.

I looked up the Dragonfly Spirit Animal meaning (humor me here!) and it turns out Dragonflies symbolize creativity, flexibility, energy and transformation. Funny since I was in Bali for a creative retreat, to recharge as I also worked on my next book, The Pivot Method, about being agile in life and work. 

But it gets weirder! A few days later I was in the co-working space looking out the window as I took a break, and I saw a Komodo Dragon waddling up and down the sidewalk! This is not a common sight to see, even in Ubud. He looked like this: 

Dragons are Doorways

Two dragons in almost as many days . . . what was the bigger message? Kimodo Dragons represent "heralding in a time of new adventures and journeys that will help you direct your creative forces for the future." Dragons in general symoblize transformation and wisdom: 

The dragons medicine includes change and transformation, wisodm, infinity, longevity and movement through space, supernatural. Dragon’s power is that of shedding its skin and coming out as a new, transformed being. The dragon gives provides us with fierce protection and possesses inherent magic, adding extra power to any magic you may perform. Dragon represents the supernatural and infinite self. (source)

This powerful dragon pattern also reminded me about my message that "Dragons are Doorways" — our times of chaos and fear can be powerful catalysts to propel us in entirely new directions, rich with insight, learning and growth. 

Change doesn't have to be a crisis. 

Our work and approach to life, even to change, can be joyful. 
You are the guru. Not me or anyone else. What do you want? What makes your heart sing? Take time to ask the questions. Delight in the mysteries of the answers.  
That's what this 21-Day Momentum Safari is designed to help you do, in a way that is playful and fun! As my first yoga teacher Kim Acker reminded me when I got overwhelmed with writing my first book, “Every next step will present itself, just as it always has.” 
Here's a sneak preview of the course: 

Private Momentum Community

This 21-day Safari is a way to preview the feeling of focus and forward progress that is part of a bigger private Momentum Community. I created this group to help all of us generate, accelerate and maintain momentum—in any area of our lives.

It is a place to talk shop, ask me whatever is on your mind about career or self-employment, swap expertise and tools with others, and form mini-mastermind groups. We'll set a quarterly focus area and support each other in tracking our goals and filling in any gaps as we work toward them.

In the meantime, I've created this free three-week course to help get your creative gears turning. Rather than talk to you about Momentum, I want you to experience it! And have a rollicking good time in the process.

I look forward to seeing you in the course!