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Brigid's Grove

Brigid's Grove is a multi-service, small, home-based business creating original Story Goddesses and goddess art, publishing Womanrunes sets, books of poetry, and Goddess Devotionals, hosting #30DaysofGoddess, and teaching online courses in Practical Priestessing, Red Tent facilitation, and everyday magic. The best way to connect with Molly is via her Patreon:

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About this course

This Winter Magic class will take you on a nurturing, magical journey through what can be a busy holiday season. This class will enrich your life with magical practices, projects, prompts, ceremonies, rituals, and experiences that will help you infuse your holiday season with meaning, magic, and life instead of a list of to-dos.

Your Winter Magic journey includes:

  • A Gratitude digital ritual kit for Thanksgiving (or any time!)
  • Weekly content from now through the Winter Solstice with one additional lesson before New Year's Eve. 
  • Yuletide practices, projects, and prompts for planning for the Winter Solstice
  • Guided questions and experiences
  • A full Winter Solstice digital ritual kit with readings, poems, activities, and more

This is a pay-what-you-can offering. You have the option of registering for this class at full price of $28 which goes to support the ongoing annual costs of providing online resource space to the community (most of our classes are offered as free to everyone in an effort to be as inclusive as possible). You may register for half price using the code HALFPRICE at checkout. Or, you may register for free using code FREECLASS. Regardless of the option you choose, you will enjoy the same experience and we appreciate your participation in this community!

 “There is magic in all seasons, but winter’s magic is most concise, most dense, most crystalline. It is diamond magic, cool and brilliant, not the fiery magic of coal. It is laser fineness, precise direction…”

–Patricia Monaghan, Seasons of the Witch