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Brigid's Grove

Brigid's Grove is a multi-service, small, home-based business creating original Story Goddesses and goddess art, publishing Womanrunes sets, books of poetry, and Goddess Devotionals, hosting #30DaysofGoddess, and teaching online courses in Practical Priestessing, Red Tent facilitation, and everyday magic. The best way to connect with Molly is via her Patreon:

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About this course

This 30 Day devotional practice class focuses on creating and sustaining goddess-centered spiritual practices in your life. #30DaysofGoddess is a unique system that combines devotional practice, daily practice, and creative practice into one portable and nourishing sacred space. This class was created in celebration of the publication of the #30DaysofGoddess companion deck. If you purchased the deck after the pre-order window, you are eligible for a discounted class price (message for the coupon code). This 30 day guided experience is an in-depth walk into the joy, delight, and nourishment of creating daily devotional practices that fit your life. 

Class includes videos, audios, and many printables and may be used perpetually, not tied to a specific month. You do not have to finish it within thirty days, but making the daily commitment and sticking with it is encouraged!