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Roxane Lessa

Roxane was a professional ballet dancer in her youth. Now she enjoys creating movement with color, line, and shapes, using textiles as her muse. She has exhibited her work in many group and solo shows abroad and in the US. Known as The Art Quilter's Coach, Roxane specializes in coaching quilters to master design so they can make their own amazing art quilts. Recently, the 3-D Textile Painting technique (copyright) was featured in Quilting Arts Mag. Dec/Jan 2014, and Quilting Arts TV, Series 1500. Roxane has been a BERNINA ambassador, and recently won a First Place Ribbon for her pictorial art quilt, Wisteria Wonder at the prestigious Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. She has also taught And lectured for 2 years at the Houston International Quilt Festival. Oh, and she still loves to dance!

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About this course

Learn right away the elements and principles that all artists use in every medium using the

  • 5 Elements of design hand out complete with gorgeous images.  This will eliminate all confusion for you.
  • Critique session:  Examine and critique your own work with new eyes.
  • Artist's Self Critique Tool:  will help you learn how to use the elements to create balance, unity and variety in your own work, also with images to illustrate.

There is tons of great information just in this one lesson, and then if you want you will be able to register for the whole course which starts September 5.

In the whole course, there will be lots of interaction and fun projects.  During the course, we will be working on your art quilt of choice!