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I started my e-commerce career in the late 90's for a small retail chain and then years later for a Fortune 300 retailer. I have also consulted with a SAAS company as well as a Fortune 30 financial institution. I've started and sold several e-commerce websites and learned a lot along the way and have a passion for teaching what I've learned. In 2015, I became an official Shopify Expert focusing on Conversion Rate Optimization.

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About this course

Does your Shopify site get a lot of traffic, but not as many sales as you were hoping?  Then, what you need is to optimize your site for conversions.  

There are lots of things that may be keeping your prospects from buying your product (or service).  In this course, we start out with the basics that need to be in place, so you don't continue throwing your advertising money away!

We go through the following lessons:

  • Intro to Conversion Rate Optimization
  • The Importance of Page Speed
  • Optimizing the Shopping Cart
  • Creating the Perfect Product Page
  • Optimizing Collection Pages
  • Home Page Considerations
  • Email Marketing Optimizations
  • Conclusion and Next Steps

Each lesson has a video and downloadable transcript followed by a checklist to make sure you action on the information.

Once you implement these foundations on your site, you should see an increase in your conversions and you can start making that advertising money work better for you!

We hope to see you in class!

Thanks in advance for allowing us to help your business!

Wes (from Ultrafade)