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Mindy Lacefield

Hi! My name is Mindy and I am inspired and paint from the nostalgia of my childhood. Channeling my inner 8 year old. Painting my dreams into reality. I teach. I learn. I play. I make mistakes. I celebrate those mistakes because they become happy, magical moments from the Divine.

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About this course

My word for this year is Listen. I would love if you joined me in a "Listening to God" journaling adventure with Sunday Mornings 2. We will surrender, be still, and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us as we journal and create with our Creator. We will listen, write, and paint. We will extend our hands and allow God's grace to pour down....receiving and then giving back. Sharing our art with others, to me, is the most gentle way to make disciples of Christ across the world.


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This is a Christian based online workshop. Anyone is welcome to join!

Class begins: Sunday, May 3rd, 2015. Sign up anytime after that start date.

All classes have forever access!



early bird now through April 20th: $19

regular registration begins April 21st: $35



There are lots of video demonstrations!

Here are some things we'll be doing in this class:

  • I'll take you through how to create your own journal with watercolor paper. 
  • prepping the journal
  • prayer pages
  • how to create our own simple masks and stencils
  • painting intuitively
  • my simple method for starting several pages in one sitting
  • mark making
  • collage
  • quick paint sketches
  • drawing girls and animals



We have two amazing Christian women who will share with you their Sunday Mornings journaling! I'm so grateful and blessed that they are both on board this go 'round!


Shonna Bucaroff

I’m Shonna Bucaroff and I have been married for 14 ó years. I am a mother to a 9 year old son and step-mother to a 21 year old daughter. I began my walk with Jesus when I was 18 and have been on a journey with Him ever since. I am a self-taught Mixed Media artist and local art teacher in my home town of San Diego, Ca. After taking Mindy Lacefield’s first “Sunday Mornings” class, I began to feel God calling me to share Him more through my art, so I created my own 5 week free online course called “Kingdom Come.” By listening to God’s call, His will for my life began to take form. In November of 2014, I, along with 4 other Christian creative women created the online community, His Kingdom Come. HKC offers free online art projects, tutorials, A prayer forum and team, as well as paid online workshops, all centering around God and spanning across all art forms. HKC’s vision is to encourage people, share our gifts, learn about Christianity and explore the creativity that He has given us all. I am over the moon excited to be a guest artist in Sunday Mornings 2, especially since Mindy’s first class was so instrumental in my growth and service in Christ.



Martice Smith II

Martice Smith II is a mixed-media collage artist, designer, and instructor. Her traditional + digital illustrations are infused with a vibrant mix of graffiti, cultural beauties with free-flowing hair and soulful affirmations, making her highly-detailed art her signature style.

As a woman of faith, she leads a heart-based business as creative director of Martice Smith II - Illustration & Design Studio and owner of Uneek Art Boutique. Martice offers online art and creative biz courses so that she can empower artists to live the life they envision for themselves, without compromising their unique flair. Her style has been translated to stencils, fabrics, jewelry, stamps + digital artist papers, to name a few.

Martice's art can be found on various design teams, in industry publications + art journaling books, such as 'Incite 3: The Best of Storytelling, The Best of Mixed Media' and 'A World of Artists Journal Pages'.

It's no secret that Martice is kind of obsessed with turtles and pandas! Her inviting spirit transcends and encourages wild, creative play! It's time to claim your artsy super powers! 



Jeanette Montero

I am a mixed media artist who loves to combine patterns, textures, color and techniques to produce bright, bold, colorful paintings. It is my dream to be able to share my joy through the work my heart and hands create because I wake up everyday feeling grateful and so blessed.  I am a mom of 4 living in Las Vegas with my very supportive husband of 25 years - God is good! 



Kimberley Hope

Hi! I'm Kimberley Hope and I’m a mom to two grown children, Stephen and Katrina. They are both married and my daughter gave me the greatest gift almost a year ago when she gave birth to my first grandchild, Sophia Hope. I am blessed doubly since I have an adorable 6-year-old grandson, Nicky, through my daughter's husband;s previous marriage.
I’m a mixed media artist, aspiring watercolor artist, and a writer. I also love to play the flute. It is when I’m listening to music or out in nature that I feel the closest to Jesus. I just love how He is everywhere! I love contemporary Christian worship music and often get images that I want to paint while listening to it. When I canget these images down with paint and ink and beautifully colored papers, it is such a special time between me and my Savior.I am just starting out with my new business, which is such an exciting (and scary!) adventure! I have so many creative ideas, so many painting ideas, so many ecourse ideas, so many things I want to blog about. The Lord is inspiring me so much – I am truly blessed! I am so thrilled to be a guest artist for Sunday Mornings 2! I have been following Mindy’s blog for many years, so this is a HUGE dream come true for me to be able to be a part of one of her always amazing offerings. You can find me at my new website here:   (I'm still working on the look and feel of my site, but I'll be posting frequently and sharing my art journey with lots of in-progress photos of happy art making and, of course, my finished paintings.
You can also find me on Instagram as: @kimberleyhopeart