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Beth Wolfe, Master LIFE Coach

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About this course

Relationships are the Glue

 that Holds our Lives Together.

Humans are social animals, and while it’s true that some people need and desire more close relationships in their lives than others, there are very few people who prefer to live in isolation. In fact, such a solitary lifestyle not only leads to loneliness, but, as you’ll see in Lesson 1, poorer physical and mental health and even a shorter lifespan.

So, since relationships are so crucial to our happiness, health, and well-being, it only makes sense to learn how to cultivate stronger relationships with the people in our lives.

Of course, we don’t need to build deep relationships with everyone we know. In fact, that would be exhausting—and ultimately impossible. 

Less intense relationships—for example, those with co-workers and acquaintances—serve many valuable purposes in our lives (for example, social interaction and intellectual stimulation), so we aren’t discounting them. This course, however, focuses specifically on how to create exceptional relationships with the people we most value in our lives: our romantic partners, family members, and close friends.

Exceptional relationships don’t happen overnight. They take time and commitment. They also require vulnerability (to open ourselves up to another person) and courage (to face our fear of rejection). But commitment, vulnerability, and courage can only take us so far without one more thing: strategies.

Sadly, many people want to improve the relationships in their lives and are willing to work hard at doing so, but they simply don’t know how. 

In this course, we offer you practical, proven strategies you can start using immediately to create truly exceptional relationships with your loved ones.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • In Lesson 1, we’ll look at the impact our relationships have on all aspects of our lives.
  • In Lesson 2, we’ll look at the smallest daily interactions we have with the people in our lives and how our responses in these situations can make or break our relationships.
  • In Lesson 3, we’ll examine four key characteristics possessed by those who are masterful at building and nurturing positive relationships. 
  • And in Lesson 4, we’ll take a look at a process for repairing relationships when conflict has caused damage.

Ready to start improving your relationships? Let’s go!