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Britta Schuessler

My name is Britta Schuessler. I am passionate about wellbeing. I have been a psychotherapist since 2003 and have run mindfulness courses since 2015. When I first came to Scotland in 1992 I learned about mindfulness and I have practiced it ever since. I am a certified Mindfulness teacher trained by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Mindfulness has been very important in my life. It helped me through some very difficult times including a relationship breakup, bullying and chronic illness. It has also been one of the most important things I learned that helped me to live my life fully, enjoy myself and feel resilient, no matter what life is throwing at me. Mindfulness has enriched my experience of life, strengthened my emotional core and has made my relationships so much more effective. Therefore I want to share this with as many people as I can. I think Mindfulness is what most people need to feel healthier and happier.

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About this course

Are you fed up with the debilitating feeling of anxiety and how it limits your life?

Do you want to stop having panic attacks and find peace and calm?

Would you like to learn how to recognise when you are getting anxious and what to do instead?

This course is the result of years of working as a psychotherapist and a mindfulness teacher. I have spent many years learning about anxiety and experimenting with the advice that is out there. Everything I teach, I have tried myself. Everything I teach has been used by many of my clients to great effect. This is the right course for you if you want to learn to be calm, stop ruminating, and change the way you respond in anxiety provoking situations.  Here is an overview of the lesson you will learn, so you have a clear idea of what we will be doing together. I have created four lessons that build on each other. 

  • Learn what anxiety is and how to calm your body and mind
  • Find out what happens in the brain when you get anxious
  • Look at stress and how it interacts with anxiety
  • Explore  the concept of mindsets and how they affects the way you experience life

By doing this course you will learn many things that can help you to feel calm and more in control of your situation.  If by the end of the course you can honestly say that this course has made no difference to your experience  and you have not managed to reduce your anxiety at all, I will give you your money back. 

This course costs less than a meal out at the weekend. If you stick to it and put the effort in it could change your life!

Here are some comments from people who have done the course:

"I have read various books and articles about anxiety, but I found Britta’s course very helpful in addressing it in a methodical way with the opportunity to practice the various strategies, breathing techniques and share experiences within a supportive group setting." Jane (February 2019)

"Excellent course. Britta with her charismatic and relaxed manner breaks down the word 'anxiety’ into small easy to manage steps. Audio files, weekly handouts and simple exercises all build on the four week course and are very useful for continued development. I am a mature lady and I have suffered from anxiety all my life. This is the best course that I have attended."
N. Hodge (February 2019)

" I found the course to be very fulfilling & positive. Teachings were very useful for my general life and managing anxiety. Britta is a very intuitive therapist." anon (November 2018)

"Britta delivers an excellent course. The journey to a greater understanding of anxiety has been an invaluable 4 weeks. I have taken away so much and feel that I am better equipped to deal with whatever life brings my way. Thank you. M. L., Stirling (November 2018)

" A great course for understanding anxiety and how to deal with it" Trish C. (April 2018)

"A very enjoyable and powerful course! It has helped me to make changes + practice exercises which have reduced my anxiety. I would highly recommend it. Thank you Britta!" LM, Stirling (April 2018)

"This course really helped me to understand and deal with how I felt. It accomplished more than I was expecting and am so glad I went." C Bruce (April 2018)