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Inspired We Rise

Inspired We Rise ("IWR") is a community of like-hearted, like-minded seekers who are committed to "A Fresh Approach to Life" -- leading to greater happiness, fulfillment, and well-being ... individually and collectively. Olivia and Steve Maynard are the co-hosts and co-founders of IWR.

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About this course



Inspired We Rise (“IWR”) calls us all to “Rise Up” -– to be, live, and give our special gifts as we do what matters most to us.

IWR is about reenergizing ourselves with “Clarity, Confidence, Connection, and Courage” as part of a mutually supportive Community.

As a MEMBER of IWR, you will realize greater happiness, fulfillment, and belonging as you experience five of Inspired We Rise unique features including:

(1) IWR starts and ends with COMMUNITY — a vibrant self-forming learning organization of like-hearted, like-minded people. The “IWR Members’ Gathering Placeis a safe and private place— both “on-line and on-land” — to connect in co-active, co-creative, and collaborative ways for the greater good of one and all;

(2) IWR offers unique, proprietary CONTENT -- featuring all the elements of  A FRESH APPROACH TO LIFE“ .  IWR's Content is unique,  engaging, and motivating  --  inspiring many  "AHA’ Moments!"  You’ll discover it is Spiritfully Meaningful, Inspirational, Relevant, and Fun” (“S.M.I.R.F.”), filled with new ideas and helpful tools and techniques that yield practical outcomes Right Here, Right Now! ;

(3) IWR’s focus on COACHING leads to both INDIVIDUAL and COLLECTIVE GROWTH —encouraging each person to follow their heart’s desires, to  both realize their own dreams and to make a difference in the world as a whole.  Together, as the IWR Community, we experience the joy of being an important part of something larger than ourselves. 

(4)  IWR promotes and facilitates CONNECTIONS among and between its Members leading to relationships and partnerships that are rich, juicy, and transformative.  You’ll meet people who have visions, values, and aspirations similar to yours. And, because the IWR “platform” is private, safe, and secure, it is a comfortable place to share what’s on your heart and mind.

(5) IWR aspires to be FRESH, FUN, and FRUITFUL in all that we do— we take ourselves lightly, so we can fly like angels. Emphasizing JOY and CELEBRATION — (an ice cream sundae is not complete until a cherry is placed on top of  it) whenever we reach a Smile-Stone” 😃, we pause, give thanks, and say WAHOO!

With our hearts in the world and the world in our hearts, we’ll rise up and soar together!

Following these foundational principles -- and with the proactive participation of you and other Members  --  we anticipate that Inspired We Rise will continuously evolve in surprising and delightful ways. Let us come together to create a “Playground for the Possible” — and discover that the “Possible” is much grander than ever we imagined!

It's Time For YOU To Let Your Heart SOAR ....

Hop Aboard For The Flight of Your Life!

If you’re feeling “Yes! Gimme Some of That!”  …  

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Thank you for being here!  We look forward to seeing you in the Gathering Place …

All the best,

Olivia and Steve Maynard

P.S.  Here's a Summary of Members' Benefits -- the things you'll be able to access and enjoy once you become a Member:

As an “IWR Member”, you’ll enjoy the following inspiring Members’ Benefits:

  • Membership in Inspired Connections (the “Gathering Place” for IWR Members)
  • Weekly Posts — Blogs or Articles
  • Discounts for Courses, Workshops, & Special Events
  • Periodic “Live” Community Meetings
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Connecting and Collaborating With Other Members
  • Participating in or Leading “Special Interest Groups”
  • An Active “Say” in Shaping IWR’s Evolution
  • … And more to come!

    In additional, you’ll also receive all the benefits enjoyed by “Friends of IWR”, including:

  • IWR‘s FREE REPORT on “A Fresh Approach to Life
  • Monthly Newsletters (via Mailchimp)
  • Free “Funshops” and other events
  • Courses and workshops (at regular prices)
  • Email notifications about upcoming events (sometimes with coupons attached!)
  • “PopUp” Coaching Services
  • … And more to come!

When we say “…And more to come!” a lot of the “more” depends on YOU!  That’s what’s at the heart of our co-active, co-creative, collaborative Community!