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The Creative Grief Studio Team

Courses are brought to you by the Creative Grief Studio in partnership with our Teaching Team and/or other guest faculty. To learn more about our work, please see and/or bio links for team/guest faculty partners.

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About this course

How do we stay creative while grieving? 

Or how can we use creativity to navigate grief experiences? This course offers you lots of creative prompts to explore. Let's begin finding our way and tending our hearts!

This on-demand course is brought to you via a partnership between The Creative Grief Studio and Kara LC Jones of Kara is the facilitator for this session, so if you have questions, feel free to be in touch with her at Thanks!

What can you expect from this course?

You are invited to spend 4 weeks exploring ways to get creative with grief. Whatever your grief experience has been, death or non-death related, you are welcome to join us for this exploration.


  • This is not an art making techniques course. It is a creative grief education course that offers you a variety of creative approaches to your grief experiences, including encouragement to explore via whatever art mediums you like.

  • This online classroom space is private and for participants only, to communicate, share creative experiments, and explore resiliency in the face of grief.

  • This online, private space is open only to participants and is available 24/7, so you can read prompts and post replies any time of day or night, including weekends, at your own pace and on your own schedule.

  • The same day that you register for this course, you'll get the welcome + logistics information immediately, along with the first week's materials.

  • Then in one week increments, you'll get the following weeks' materials.

  • This course offers participants comment space each week as part of the activities offered.

  • Please note this is an on-demand, self-directed course, meaning there is no formal facilitation for the session, and this is definitely NOT crisis support.

  • That said, as facilitator I (Kara) will get notifications of your shares, questions, reflections. If your posts ask questions or specifically for feedback, I will do my best to check in within 48-72 hours of notifications where replies are needed. [Note: There are several times a year where I am away for a few weeks at a time. So if there is a delay in reply, please know your posts are not being ignored, and I will reply when I am back.]

  • Even after the initial 4 week drip feed of materials is complete, this online classroom will remain open to you, so you are welcome to self-direct at whatever pace works for you.

You are invited to explore in whatever ways you wish: literally, metaphorically, in any medium you wish. The creative prompts offered in this session are open for you to interpret and use as you feel fits best for your experience. This is not an art technique class, but rather this course gives you prompts to begin thinking about your creative approaches to grief experiences.

In the prompts, you'll be offered things like:

  • creative ways to think about your relationship to grief
  • creative ways to approach cultural expectation about grief
  • creative ways to begin tending in ways that make sense to you

From these seeds, you will be encouraged to take the ideas into:

  • artmaking,
  • journaling,
  • completing worksheets offered, and / or
  • you'll get links to information / resources you can explore at your own pace learning + playing

An example of how a prompt might work:

  1. The prompt might be something simple like: The grief experience is happening to us as individuals, of course, but there are also social/relational aspects in the mix. And often included with that initial idea is a video where I share more with you about the prompt seed idea and that particular aspect of grief experiences.

    So you might use these as seeds to explore things like: How have your grief experiences influenced the social aspects and relationships in your life? How have the social constructs and expectations of those who are not grieving ( or not grieving in the same ways as you) influenced you? And then the artmaking piece is up to you in as many various ways as you wish, such as:

    • You can respond in a journaling type, free-writing type of way, where you maybe want to explore how people's insistence that you "get closure" has made you see that they do not understand grief experiences.

    • Or you could take a photo of some sort to illustrate how the individual grief experience intersects with social / relational aspects.

    • Or you can write haiku or poetry exploring these dynamics.

    • Or you could do a drawing or painting using color, texture, shape to convey your experience.

    • You can take the response in any creative direction you like.

  2. You then have private, comment section space at the bottom of each week's materials page where you are free to share as much or as little as you like about how you did this creative exploration; what you discovered; what was surprising; or whatever you wish to share about your creative experiments exploring creativity and resiliency in the face of grief experience or understandings you've come to along the way.

Please see the FAQ below for more details to questions others have asked.

Your facilitators for this session is Kara Jones of, and I'm looking forward to exploring with you!

Notes For Practitioners Taking This Course

If you are a grief support practitioner of any kind (therapist, hospice volunteer, pastor, etc.) participation in this course does not grant you permission to use these tools directly with your clients. This course was primarily designed for people experiencing grief themselves and does not offer facilitation instructions. Naturally, you are welcome to provide a link to anyone who you think could benefit from this experience so they can sign up for the course themselves and we appreciate that referral.

Grief support practitioners interested in creating tools, such as the ones contained here, might benefit from exploring the Creative Grief Studio Certification program. Through that curriculum, we offer many tools that can be used directly with your clients in addition to giving you the foundational skills you need to create your own tools to use with your clients. We hope you will check it out.


I want to join, but life is busy. Will this session involve a great deal of time and effort?

As with any online session, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. That said, no, this is not an intensive course necessarily. You'll be getting creative prompts once a week with space to share as much or as little in the private classroom as you like. Unlike in-person classes, you get private space that is open 24/7, so you can participate at your own pace. If you can't be here in this classroom during the initial drip feed of materials, that's okay. You'll still get the full content of the course. The comment sections do not close, so you can respond even after the drip feed is "finished," and I will still get notifications of your posts and do my best to answer.

If I decide I will be short on time during the 4 weeks of the session, can I get a refund on my registration fee?

No, I'm sorry, we are not offering refunds. This course drip feeds content for 4 weeks, but you can access it at any time, in your own pace, for as long as you like. The course space is not going anywhere even after the end of the 4 weeks. So once you register, you actually get the entire course in the end, even if your schedule ends up conflicted with the 4 weeks of the initial content feed.  Let me know if you have questions around this *before* you register! Contact

Is this a therapy group?

No. This is a self-directed session for exploring creative approaches to grief and life experiences; for exploring how you yourself make meaning and expression with whatever is happening for you. While there is a facilitator in our online classroom (moi), I am just one person. I am not available as crisis intervention, and this is not meant to be private session coaching for each and every person. That said, this type of session is a good companion to whatever therapy you are doing already to support yourself. Please practice responsibility (ability to respond) for whatever needs you have medically, mentally, physically.

My grief is non-death related. Can I still join this group?

Yes. All are welcome, whatever your grief experience circumstances are! Often death related grief experiences (death of child, spouse, other loved one, pet) are acknowledged, whereas non-death related grief (divorce, loss of job, chronic illness, major change like immigration) are not. In this course, we are aiming to offer creative grief space to anyone, whatever your circumstances might be. We will not be playing "grief olympics" nor placing experiences on a "hierarchy of grief." Whatever grief experience you bring to the table, is your grief experience. And we will aim to help you find creative approaches to whatever your experiences are.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

Happy to answer any questions you might have. Send an email to

Will I learn specific art making techniques in the course?

No. This course offers you creative approaches to grief experiences which you can then take into whatever artmaking you are already doing. You will be provided suggestions on how to take the seed ideas into writing, visual artmaking, and/or movement, but you are free to use any techniques, mediums, art processes you wish to use.

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