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Rose & Light

Two friends met on a little league field, each with a baby on a hip. "You look like an old new mom," one said. "We should totally be friends," the other said. Dozens of coffees and hundreds of bathroom breaks later, here we are. Curating a community and connecting other women in midlife who seek to live, love and grow with intention.

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About this course

The 21 Day Pause Challenge is  designed to help guide you toward more intentional living through a series of questions, prompts, challenges and daily reflections. Each day we’ll invite you  to build your Pause Muscle so you can live with purpose and in a way that LIGHTS YOU UP! 

As a life coach, my biggest wins are when the right question I ask my clients opens something up for them - something they already knew, but just couldn't access. And I know that the first step in this is in taking time to consider - to pause, to reflect. That's when the right question emerges.  I've worked with hundreds of people over this pandemic who found that a slower pace of life was helpful - even welcome... but now, many are finding themselves back to the busy-ness of life and wondering if it's possible to re-emerge into the post-pandemic world with a little more intention. 

If that sounds familiar... this course will help. Along with my co-host, Meagan Schultz (aka Light), a masterful connecter and natural seeker, we will explore:

  • The relationship between how we want to feel and the actions we take

  • Ways to use rest and play to recalibrate and recharge 

  • The ways in which mindless distractions keep us from living with intention

  • Practical ways to incorporate small doses of intention into already full lives - with compassion for the places it feels hard or darn near impossible. 

You will come away with … 

  • Small, but tangible changes you can make to incorporate intention into your daily routine

  • A deeper connection to what really feeds your spirit

  • An experience of accountability to incorporate into your life what you desire

What previous participants have said about this month of reset: 

Having content about the importance of pausing, resting, and playing front of mind really did help me navigate a very busy month. I also feel much more motivated to intentionally clear time in my schedule to rest and play moving forward. Thank you!  - Laura H

A month of pause with kind and creative women is what I needed to brace myself for the holiday months and the end-of-year rush. The content was short, memorable and meaningful. I appreciate content and challenges that don’t ask me to change my life, but help me find everyday ways to embrace the life I have more fully. “Rose and Light” are good guides on this journey. Thank you! - Angie M 

 I really valued the content which gave me space and prompting to answer for myself questions about how I'm using my time.  - Sarah B. 

Available on demand for only $1 a day - enroll here for $21

While you are at it, why not bring a friend?  Give the gift of calm, intentional, mindful living!  

We look forward to pausing with you soon! 

Your guide,

Shelly (aka Rose - more about THAT in the course!)

Shelly Roder Coaching and Consulting