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Brigid's Grove

Brigid's Grove is a multi-service, small, home-based business creating original Story Goddesses and goddess art, publishing Womanrunes sets, books of poetry, and Goddess Devotionals, hosting #30DaysofGoddess, and teaching online courses in Practical Priestessing, Red Tent facilitation, and everyday magic. The best way to connect with Molly is via her Patreon:

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About this course

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

--Zora Neale Hurston

This is a year for questions, a year for living and leaning into our questions. This is also a year for listening--to  ourselves, to our hearts, to our souls, to the answers that arise from  within.

Living the Questions is a deep process of self-inquiry that invites you to gently, but persistently, delve into the questions of your life as well as bring your life into harmony with your deepest values.

Note: the class was originally offered February-November and is now open on a self-study, rolling enrollment basis. This means the content will begin whenever you sign up and so you may notice that some seasonal references in the audio are not the same as your own current season. 

This class is offered on a pay-what-you-can basis. To register for 25% off, use code "QUESTIONS." For half price, use code "HALFPRICE." Full scholarship pricing also available (just send me note and ask for the code).

Class includes:

  • Facebook group for community and discussion.
  • Ten months of weekly, reflective lessons for self-inquiry with audio, written, and printable content.
  • Journal cards for 8 months.

Where might you find
a spot to nestle?
To watch and wonder.
To listen and feel.
To incubate your own being
and soothe your own heart.
This is cave time
soul song
heart call
life beat.
The listening hours.

Living the Questions, to me, begins with listening. Listening to yourself, to your heart, to your soul, to the whispers of the wild, to the goddess in your veins.

Affirmation: I listen to the messages around me.