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Dawn Marasco

I condense a 25-year journey to freedom and peace into easily applied truths that transform the hearts and lives of others. By sharing my own broken places, life experiences, and spiritual insights, I help others remove the obstacles and develop a deeper walk with God, experience His freedom, and live the life of peace God intended. This process transforms their thinking, speaking, and living, which positively impacts their own lives and the lives of those around them.

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About this course

Let me ask you… What would change if you had more peace? 

I know in my own life… everything changed… I was actually transformed by learning how to have God’s peace. This is my hope for you!

I know how hard it is to live with a fleeting peace or no peace at all. I remember continuing to circle on the same worn-out path, frustrated and without God’s peace. That type of living was confusing and exhausting. It affected every area of my life. I was tired of living a life run by fear, and I wanted more. I knew there was a better way to live as a Christian.

Can you identify with living with a fleeting peace or no peace at all? 

Do you desire more of God’s peace?

If so, join me for this FREE 3-Day Mini Course. Throughout each day's video, I use examples from my own life to help you on your own journey to build the foundation to peace. 

This first Step ~ Recognize is vital to us knowing:

  • What peace is
  • How we can have God's peace 
  • How we can forfeit our peace 
  • And the lies that can keep God's peace from flourishing in us

I share the tools and truths that have transformed my own life.  Along with the video teachings, each day I give you accompanying handouts to help you apply this material to your own life. 

I know what God has done for me He can do for you!


Here is what others are saying: 

“Dawn, I am reading through your lessons, absolutely broken, and I want you to know you are really helping me right now.” Nicole

“Spending time in Dawn’s class, I know God better. It has blessed me and changed my life.” Gayle

"Dawn shares God’s love from her heart and her story will help you overcome those obstacles that are keeping you from a life of peace."  Roseann

Join us in this FREE 3-Day JumpStart Your Peace Mini Course! 

God bless you with His peace!

Dawn Marasco