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Suzanne Desrosiers is a talented lawyer born and raised in Timmins. Her passion for northern Ontario and her dedication to her clients sets her apart from other lawyers in the region. With over 37 years of experience and founder of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation, she leads a team of legal advisors and excels in the area of Employment Law, including Human Resources (H.R.) training for Upper Management and represents many First Nations including their umbrella organization such as their Health Authorities, Education Authorities, and their Power Corporations. Her practice includes Real Estate Law, Business Law, Wills and Estate and also includes conducting Workplace Investigations. Suzanne is dedicated to her community, having served on many volunteer boards (Timmins Family Counselling Centre, Richelieu, Timmins & District Hospital). She is also an avid team supporter and volunteer for the Victims of the St. Anne's Residential School in Fort Albany.

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About this course

Bill C-65 & Supervisor’s Training on Prevention of Harassment and Violence in the Workplace Webinar

Is your workplace in compliance with Bill C-65 legislation? Join Suzanne Desrosiers and learn how Bill C-65 introduces changes to what employers must include in their risk assessments, policies, and training for employees to prevent harassment and violence in the workplace. 

This Self-Paced Webinar will enable Managers, Supervisors, and middle level management to more readily know their rights and duties about  Bill C-65 and support employees if issues of harassment and violence arise in the workplace. Learn at your own pace about how federally regulated workplaces can become free from harassment and violence!


  • Elements of workplace harassment & violence prevention policy
  • Relationship between workplace harassment & violence under the Canada Labour Code (CLC) and Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA)
  • Recognize, minimize, prevent and respond to workplace harassment & violence
  • Essential to update harassment & violence policies to comply with Bill C-65
  • Requirement to conduct a risk assessment
  • Unresolved complaint = workplace investigation
  • Important considerations specific to the role of Manager/Supervisor to prevent and respond to harassment and violence
  • Your duty in directing issues of harassment and violence to the designated recipient and encouraging employees to go to a designated recipient 
  • How to handle concerning behaviour or harassment and violence in the workplace if witnessed
  • How family violence may affect employees while within the workplace and the obligation to look for signs of family violence among employees and notify the designated recipient 
  • Employers' obligations to protect employees and provide safe workplaces for employees


  • Federally regulated Managers, Supervisors and middle level management
  • Any new hired Managers/Supervisors within 90 days from commencing work

$329 CAD  + HST* 

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