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Debra Wilson Guttas, HTP

Debra's work for over 25 years in private practice as an Intuitive Coach, Reiki Master and Soulful Life Sherpa, has been devoted to supporting women in connecting with their heart and Soul’s desire - to create a life you LOVE! Her 2nd Best-Selling book, BEYOND CORONAVIRUS - 7 Keys to Embrace Change and Create Your "New Normal", was published in 2019. Her mission is to inspire you to live your best life by tuning into the wisdom of your inner and outer cosmos – through inner reflection journaling, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and the magic of the Moon and her cycles. You can find more about her and her work on her website,

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About this course

Wanna get a glimpse into the energies of 2022?

One fun and really eye-opening way to do that is through the lens of Chinese Astrology which reveals a natural progression, a flow, of energy and change.

Together we can navigate this energy to find ways to attract prosperity, adventure, and to make great connections with others.

Join me as we do an exploration (in simple language) into the energies for the year.

In this workshop, we will explore the principles of Chinese astrology and the specific energy of the Year of the Water Tiger, as well for each sign.

We'll also be talking about Feng Shui remedies you can use to attract prosperity energy.

Together we will explore:

* The various components, including elements, cycles and Yin / Yang;

* How the elements differ from Western Astrology;

* Your Chinese Zodiac sign and the energies present for you;

* The various energetic cycles of growth and what they mean; and

* Simple Feng Shui remedies to enhance and work with the energies present.

As always, the emphasis for our exploration will be on how to navigate this energy to find ways to attract prosperity, adventure, and to make great connections with others.

We’ll end our time together in meditation and healing.


* BONUS - BRAND NEW Soulful Life Planner & Journal for the month of February which includes guidance for how to embody the energies of the February New Moon in Aquarius, some fun and Soulful self-care rituals and space to record and journal your gratitude, milestones and highlights from last month.