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About this Course

Welcome to the Senior Cats online course! 

Grooming the senior cat comes with a number of unique challenges. Seniors can have fragile skin, can be easily nicked, can show signs of aggression when reacting to pain or handling, have a plethora of health conditions, and overall be more prone to stress which can lead to disastrous results. There are a number of precautions to be taken to choose the appropriate grooming services and how to go about performing those services without causing any undue stress or pain.

This course is filled with video clips, articles, resources, and more to assist with grooming the senior cats. While each cat is different, cats over the age of 7 require the grooming process to be adapted. This includes:

  • How to recognize and plan for scheduling issues
  • Make appropriate lifestyle and grooming recommendations to the owner 
  • Adjust the grooming process (the bath, drying, dematting, shaving, additional services, etc.)
  • Understand common health problems, symptoms and how they affect the grooming process
  • Learn recommendations for the cat's owner