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Yoshida Kirkwood

Transformational Leader | Wellness Advocate

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About this course

New Wellness Course!

Listen, I get it. I'm a wife, mother, career-minded woman with lots of goals and dreams. So I'm busy. What I have learned over the past 3 decades through trials, difficulties, and personal life experience, is what led me to start sharing with other women to not forget to take care of yourself. You do matter. Your health matters and your wellbeing matters.  It's not where you are now, it's where you want to be. And I want you to be energetic and feeling great about yourself no matter where you are right now!

So I've been writing and reading and researching on overdrive these past two years (finally found the time in the pandemic) to do what I love to do-- motivate and inspire women to focus on their personal wellness goals. And here's a course I created to help you do just that.


How To Feel Vibrant, Healthy, and Great About Yourself!

In this course, you’ll discover the FULL step-by-step process to dramatically increase your health, energy levels, and positive emotion. You’ll learn exactly what the six pillars of vitality are, and how to optimize each one, so you can truly feel like a purpose-driven woman every morning you wake up.

With this course, you’ll discover:

How to quickly pinpoint which of the six pillars you need to improve AND exactly how to improve them, so you can start feeling the results right away...

How to uncover what motivates you and drives you to achieve results. (This process will help you get motivated on demand, whenever you need it most.)

The "family" of vitamins you're probably deficient in, and how supplementing with them could significantly ramp up how energetic you feel every day...

A simple "hack" for feeling great and well rested when you wake up... even if you normally hit the snooze button several times...

The "trio" of hormones that are controlling a big part of your wellbeing (and how to optimize them)...

What to eat for maximum energy and happiness... and it’s a delicious list of foods!

And much more!

When you join How to Feel Vibrant, Healthy, and Great About Yourself, you will get more than a list of ideas, tactics, and strategies. You get a step-by-step PROVEN process for transforming your health and energy. Ask me how I know.


What You’ll Get

This course includes a combination of science-based instruction and hands-on activities.

We’ll cover:

Module 1: Introduction to Vitality

Learn what vitality is and isn’t. Then gain a solid understanding of what the six pillars are for living a healthy and vibrant life.

Module 2: Exercise

Learn the secrets to developing consistent exercise habits (even if you hate to exercise) and create unique fitness goals that you’ll stick to. (Don’t worry, no one needs to spend hours at a gym. This plan is much easier and faster.)

Module 3 - Nutrition

Learn how to eat for maximum energy and wellbeing, including how often, what kinds of foods, and what eating habits and foods you should avoid at all costs.

Module 4 - Vitamins & Supplements

Discover which vitamins and minerals may be responsible for some of the negative symptoms you might be experiencing right now, and how to “make up” for the ones you’re missing.

Module 5: Sleep

Start building better sleep habits, so you can wake up feeling well-rested and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Module 6: Hormones

Learn about common hormone imbalances that might be wreaking havoc on your energy levels and productivity. You’ll also discover how to identify which of your hormones might be out of balance, and what to do about it.

Module 7: Stress Management

Discover why all stress is not created equal. Plus, how to identify what kind of stress you’re feeling and manage it accordingly.

Each module contains targeted activities to help you immediately apply the concepts... so you can see the changes in your life right away.

Although you will proceed through the lessons at your leisure, you will have homework assignments to maximize your learning as well as live Q&A sessions to get your questions answered.

This course contains everything you need to know — and nothing you don’t. You learn the key concepts and strategies for success in this area of your life… and you’ll leave with a solid plan of action for creating a real breakthrough in your health and energy levels.


Can You Afford To Wait?

Take a moment to think about where you want to be in 10 years. You might envision yourself debt-free, working in your ideal (and highly paid) career, publishing a book, traveling the world, being slim, fit, and active, living in the home of your dreams, or enjoying an early retirement or the security of a healthy nest egg.

Really visualize what that future looks and feels like. I’ll wait. :)

Got it? Now, answer this question honestly:

If your health and energy levels continue like that are now… are you on track to live that future life?

If not, then NOW is the time to change that.

Don’t spend another minute wishing you had more energy or felt better or had better health.

Take charge of your future by joining the course today, and give yourself the process and tools you need to have the energy, health, and stamina you deserve.

You can join today for $297. Or opt to pay in 3 lower installments. Whatever fits in your budget and gets you where you want to be.

Either way, that gives you access to every module, all the implementation exercises, live Q&A sessions and other bonuses.

And you’ll have long-term access to the course content, so you can return to this material if you ever need a wellness “tune up.”


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

This course contains a proven, science-based system for transforming your health, energy, and sense of wellbeing.

If you do the work, I’m confident you’ll see results.

But I don’t expect you to take my word for it! If you're not satisfied after 30 days, you can request a refund. No questions asked. 

It’s not too late to create the level of health and energy you “wish” you had. Join How To Feel Vibrant, Healthy, and Great About Yourself today!