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Fume Hood Certified

The fume hood is the most misunderstood and misused piece of equipment in the lab. We want to make labs a SAFER place to be... one fume hood at a time! We have educational courses on Fume Hood Safety, Fume Hood Testing, New Fume Hood Technology, Lab Ventilation and MORE! Fume Hood Certified believes that HOOD USER SAFETY MATTERS & any piece of equipment that was put in a lab for the safety of a human being should be taken seriously! Thanks for choosing to learn with us!

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About this course

Welcome to Fume Hood Certified's online course to become a certified fume hood tester!

This course is designed to teach you everything you NEED to know to be a safe, responsible, and informed fume hood tester. No matter if you are completely new to hood testing or you have been testing fume hoods for years, this is by far the best certification course online! Many students complete the material and pass their exam in just 1 day. After you've passed the exam you get a live coaching call with one of our experts to ask any questions, go over what you learned, and then we mail you your official certificate!!


  1. Go through all the lessons and learn the material
  2. Take the test at the end created by our team of experts
  3. Have a live coaching call with our team to go over what you learned
  4. We mail your your Fume Hood Tester Certificate!
  5. Start Testing Fume Hoods!!

We are a group of independent fume hood and laboratory ventilation experts. Our focus is making fume hoods safer for those using them. We come from various backgrounds in the industry and have over 150 years of combined fume hood expertise!

Chip Albright, President of Fume Hood Certified, has also written a popular book called Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained  where he breaks down the purpose and function of a fume hood into terms anyone can understand!
Chip and our team have done the same thing HERE with this course! You will learn everything you need to know in an easy to remember and easy to review format!
After your test and your coaching call... you will be a CERTIFIED Fume Hood Tester!!

Similar courses sell for $1,500 - $3,000 for multi day conferences or webinars. These are difficult to remember and impossible to study! Plus much of the info out there can be OUTDATED and not considered safe anymore.

Fume Hood Certified sells this course for just $599 and it is guaranteed to have you feeling confident in your knowledge by passing our Testers Exam & consulting 1-on-1 with our professionals! What are you waiting for? You are on your way to becoming Fume Hood Certified!!