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C. Susan Nunn

Susan is a 'lover of many things.' Her creative endeavors are all fed with her love of nature, balance, and her deep spiritual beliefs. She is a Writer, Editor, Teacher and Writing Coach, and Author. She earned her BA at Vermont College, and earned an MFA at Antioch University Los Angeles, with dual concentration (Fiction and Creative Non-fiction.) She is also a Certified Creative Writing Instructor. Susan is the author of Song of the Earth, a novel said to be the consciousness of our nation and of our people. She has embodied Nature’s balance and peaceful flow of how things should be and applies it to everything she does. It has also helped with her creative writing in developing a deep flow as well as in editing for others. She lives in Boise, Idaho.

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About this course

There is nothing more rewarding than to see your characters come to life on the page.

Many of us can remember, somewhere back in our past, either playing with paper dolls or watching our little siblings playing with them. The child envisioned that doll coming to life, and if you asked, the child would tell you all about that doll, her name, where she is going, her clothes, everything the imagination could dream up. There was a whole life dreamed into that doll.

Well, the same goes for us and our characters. Until we breathe life,  light and emotion into our characters, they are no different than the paper dolls waiting for a child’s imagination to infuse them.

We take the processes learned in Part 1 (which we will review)  and apply them along with some other tools to our Characters. Character development, which should be ongoing throughout the book, is key to great writing. Others may differ, but I feel if a character doesn’t live with the reader long after they have finished reading the book, there is something wrong. Come join us in an exciting class that will bring life and joy to your work!

As with the other classes, we will be online with Zoom once a week for a Q&A session, along with our work on the Ruzuku platform. And, unlike the other classes, I have built three (3) workshops  into this class so we can actually build our characters (at least one per student) while taking the class. And, we have one two-week module for writing. I am always available to help in any way needed and I so look forward to seeing you soon.

Pre-registration: Opens August 15, 2022, closes September 26, 2022
Registration closes: Oct. 3, 2022 at 11:00 p.m.
Class begins:  Oct. 3, 2022
Pricing: $367, pre-registration price $317  ($50 discount)

Class payment options include one-time $367 payment, or two-payment option (two $183.50 payments).