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C. Susan Nunn

Susan is a 'lover of many things.' Her creative endeavors are all fed with her love of nature, balance, and her deep spiritual beliefs. She is a Writer, Editor, Teacher and Writing Coach, and Author. She earned her BA at Vermont College, and earned an MFA at Antioch University Los Angeles, with dual concentration (Fiction and Creative Non-fiction.) She is also a Certified Creative Writing Instructor. Susan is the author of Song of the Earth, a novel said to be the consciousness of our nation and of our people. She has embodied Nature’s balance and peaceful flow of how things should be and applies it to everything she does. It has also helped with her creative writing in developing a deep flow as well as in editing for others. She lives in Boise, Idaho with the four-legged love of her life, Ellie, a Golden Retriever.

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About this course

This class is one of my favorites as we watch the landscape come alive. It is so powerful it can be considered a Character because the landscape can make or break your story. Writers are told ‘write what you know’ and there is a reason behind this. If you know something you are more apt to share your knowledge. If you don’t know but look up a couple of tidbits on the internet about it, then the readers will surely blow your cover.

Remember, great writers are great readers. You will never get enough of reading about everything you could possibly wonder about, along with everything you could possibly write about. Writers aren’t expected to travel and/or live in every place they bring on to the page, but they are expected to know all about it, so read, read, read.

While exploring place, whether it is on a drilling rig in Texas, a ranch in Wyoming, or the slums of a big city, that place has spirit and texture, and can live on your page that you are creating. We writers want our readers to feel the grit of a dust storm, or hear a baby calf bawling for her mother, or a hungry young child crying in the stairwell.

We will be exploring these issues and doing some writing on place of our own.  Can’t wait to see you!

Pre-registration: December 5th, 2022 -January 16th, 2023
Registration closes: January 24th, 2023
Class begins: January 23rd, 2023
Pricing: $367