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Wib Newton

I have over 40 years of experience helping people improve their relationships, identify and accomplish goals, and achieve life balance. I have a variety of life experiences as a college athlete, construction worker, minister and marriage/family therapist.

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About this course

Great Start is the perfect introduction for any couple that is taking their relationship seriously.  Whether you are dating, engaged, or newlyweds, Great Start  will give you a thorough understanding of what a healthy marriage looks like and how to get there.  Every couple considering a committed, "forever" relationship needs this course.

Great Start was originally developed as part of the Healthy Marriage Initiative of Texas and is widely used throughout the state.  This course has been taught on such college campuses as Texas Tech University, West Texas A&M, St. Mary University (San Antonio).  Several universities include this curriculum in their marriage & family departments.  Standard and Christian versions are available.

Topics Covered

  • Module 1:  Anatomy of Love
    Module 2:  Developing as Friends
    Module 3:  "We" Begins with "Me"
    Module 4:  Communication
    Module 5:  Talking and Clarifying Expectations

    Module 6:  Seven Step Problem Solving Method
    Module 7:  Financial Wisdom
    Module 8:  Secrets to a Healthy Sexual Relationship
    Module 9:  How to Affair Proof Your Marriage
    Module 10:  Commitment

Participants will receive a 68 page guide filled with exercises to enhance the learning experience.  You will have access to either a Standard or Christian Version.