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Adrienne Cobb

Adrienne Cobb is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Messenger offering unique spiritual experiences to connect with your Tribe of Light and AWAKEN your Soul Blueprint.

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About this course

2022 March 7-day Equinox Quest

Includes: 7 Meditations, Activations and Transmission of Light

The March Equinox symbolizes a fresh start, the beginning of a phase of exploration and curiosity. It is traditionally associated with purification and rebirth, and it represents the perfect time for energetically cleansing your body and your home.

This March Soul Quest 2022 will bring forth a Divine Transmission of Light for the Diamond Ascension Flame & Flame of Purity. This energy will be activating the Third eye chakra, heart chakra and crown chakra. 

The crystal white flame of purification will gently purify & transmute our heart and mind to give us complete clarity for our deepest truths being brought forward into this world through our creative expression and higher reason we came to the Earth at this time. 

We will learn how to acknowledge, respect and honor our own inner light/ the lightness of our being which we have been blessed to bring into this world as a pure gift. It also helps us to know how to honor other people's light beyond the projections we tend to bind ourselves in. 

When we free ourselves from these projections, it sets us free to perceive and act clearly from the purity of our soul's deepest truth. All the Universe then answers the call of our heart because our true intentions are coherent and clear. 

The Beloved Beings of Light hosting the quest energy are: Beloved Mary Magdalene, Ascended Master Serapis Bey & Archangel Gabriel. Other Beings of Light will most likely join in the energy as well to support us in this sacred space.