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Janine Bolon

Janine has been a businesswoman since the age of 10. She wanted candy, her parents wouldn't give her an allowance, so...she made her first business to get the cash she needed. Since then she has built and sold businesses for over 30 years. She now teaches, writes books and speaks internationally. Enjoy the course, take the time to do the activities. Watch your life improve.

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About this course

Welcome to Your Online Spiritual Retreat!

You'll want to block out the following days and times just for yourself.

April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! 

(Noon-4pm) Pacific Time

(1pm-5pm) Mountain time

(2pm - 6pm) Central Time

(3pm - 7pm) Eastern Time

On each day you have an appointment with yourself and others of like mind to focus on what you wish to bring forward into this Spring and Summer of your life. 

It is time to give yourself THE time to think, plan, shift and clarify your responsibilities, obligations and projects while releasing the stress, fears and worry of what is in the past. 

Janine will be taking the three days and walking you through the transformative, mindset shifts needed for you to manifest the changes you seek from within. 

All sessions will be recorded and made available to you for 90 days.

Day #1:

  • Assessment of your current manifestation of your spiritual gifts
  • How you express your spiritual gifts
  • Introduction of the Four Disciplines
  • Different forms of connecting into your Source/Higher Self

Day #2

  • Releasing the past
  • The Power of Your Now
  • Making Your Moments Satisfying
  • Creating Your Future
  • Workshopping Your Four Disciplines

Day #3

  • MasterMinding Your Current Relationship with Your Reality
  • Building Out Your Vision for Yourself
  • Spotlighting the elements that you wish to take forward
  • Focusing on Your Future
  • Celebration Ceremony of the Birth of a New Season

Any questions on the retreat structure or you wish to set up a payment plan with Janine, please email her.

See you soon!