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Dharma Richards

Born and raised in the mountains of Asheville, NC, Dharma is a devotee of the Divine, an eternal student and teacher of the Holy Science of Yoga, gracious householder, modern mom, hot tea drinker, closet fashionista, urban priestess, seeker of ancient wisdom for the modern woman, and hard to find when the moon is new. Visit her yoga websites at and or her personal website at for more information and offerings.

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About this course

Merry Meet and Welcome to the Practical.Witch.School Year-and-a-Day online and livestream study program. While this is a foundational course in witchcraft and may be new for some, for those with an existing practice you will find this series helpful in deepening your experience along your spiritual path. We begin this journey together at your convenience on-demand:

Each Month Your Will Receive:

  • Sabbat Circle Videos (8 Sabbats)
  • Class Videos + Q&A available
  • Additional Prerecorded Classes
  • Meditation Audios
  • Tarot & Tea Videos
  • Deep Relaxation Audio/Video
  • Reflection & Study Questions
  • Learning portal where you can track your progress, ask questions, and build community support

Topics Include:

History of the Craft * Goddess & God Archetypes * Wheel of the Year * Sabbats * Esbats * Lunar Mysteries * Ethics * Sacred Divinity * Language of Love  * Life/Death/Rebirth * Coven Craft * Elements * Correspondences * Magickal Signs & Symbols * Talismans & Amulets * Magickal & Divinatory Tools * Magickal Perception * Meditation * Faces & Cornerstones of Magick * Ritual Principles & Procedures * Spell Crafting & Casting * Working with Herbs, Plants, Stones & Crystals * Chakras & Auras * Candle Magick * and MUCH MORE!

Please email me at if you have any questions on the program and I look forward to accompanying you along your spiritual journey.

Blessed be,