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Molly Carter

I’m Molly, a sex educator and intimacy coach and I have a secret superpower. I'll make you feel comfortable talking about sex. Find me at

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About this course

Can you imagine a better sex life?

More orgasms. Stronger connection. Deeper intimacy. Greater fun.

It doesn't matter what's keeping your sex life at "just okay," it's time to break the routine and create a more satisfying and thrilling sex life.

This intensive one-on-one 30-day coaching program addresses your specific concern and gives you exactly what you need to make it happen. Through this designer coaching program, we work together to discover what's holding you back and develop a roadmap to address it.

Depending on your specific needs, you may:

  • Learn how to initiate sex in a way that feels authentic and safe
  • Discover different areas of your sexuality and sexual desires
  • Bring back the spark and excitement in your relationship
  • Make intimacy a priority and feel reconnected to your lover
  • Talk to your partner about what you want and need
  • Explore kinks or fetishes in a safe way
  • Gain a greater understanding of who you are as a sexual being
  • Become a more intuitive and imaginative lover
  • Master new skills and introduce them to your lovemaking
  • Create the space and time to nourish your couple
  • Take your sex life from good to mind-blowing!

With the 30 Days to Better Sex intensive coaching experience, you get five live one-on-one coaching sessions, pre- and post- session resources and activities, and unlimited email support. Through these sessions and homework, we work together to discover and create an action plan to take your sex life to the next level, whatever that means to you!

As a BONUS, you get access to any workshops I host during your 30-Day program!

Not sure if 30-Days to Better Sex is right for you? Email me at to schedule a discovery call. We can discuss your goals and determine if this is the right program for you.

About the Coach

I’m Molly, your neighborhood sex and intimacy coach. And I'm the friend you wish you had when you first learned about sex. With over a decade of sex education and coaching experience, I help you create the sex life you only dreamed possible. You can find me at

Coaching FAQ

Is this program for couples?

In can be. This 30-day intensive coaching program is designed for individuals, but it could meet your needs as a couple, depending on what they are. If you'd like to discuss if this program would be appropriate for you and your lover, schedule a discovery call so that we can discuss your goals to determine what program would be best.

When does the program start?

The program is currently open for enrollment. Once you register, you can schedule your initial call. Ideally, that happens within three to five days.

What days and times are the one-on-one coaching sessions? 

Ideally, we meet once a week during your 30-day program. The times and dates are determined by our schedules, and I work with you to find a time that works. Most sessions last 30 to 90 minutes, although the first session tends to be longer.

Does my partner need to attend?

No, it is not necessary for your partner to attend coaching sessions with you.

What does unlimited email support mean?

The program is designed with weekly meetings between the coach and student. While we meet weekly, there may be times you have questions or need additional support or want to celebrate a major win. Therefore, you get unlimited email support throughout the duration of the program. You can email me as often as necessary, and I will respond at my earliest opportunity during my normal business hours. 

Are You Ready for Better Sex?

With 30 Days to Better Sex, you can start your journey to transform your relationship and sex life today for $597! Are you ready? Unsure? Not sure if it's the right program for you? Schedule a discovery call today and we can discuss what the program can and can't do for you.

Satisfaction guarantee!

If you complete30 Days to Better Sex, which includes attending all five coaching sessions, doing the homework, and following the roadmap, and are not satisfied with the results, contact me for either a full refund minus processing fees or to make arrangements to continue working together until your goal is met.

PS: I know how overwhelming it can feel to want to change your relationship. I’ve experienced it first hand, but I've also witnessed my own sex life blossom into something I didn't think was possible outside of the movies. And I’d love the opportunity to help yours do the same. If you have any questions about the program or want to see if it’s right for you, don’t hesitate to email me at to set up a time to chat.