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Donna Durbin

Donna is a world traveler, Certified American Accent Coach, entrepreneur, online course creator, University professor and professional artist. She transforms lives by teaching accent reduction and American English pronunciation to non-native English speakers. Using practical, step-by-step, methods she teaches you to speak English clearly and effectively, so you're understood in all conversations. Being bilingual is an advantage. Her training provides the English pronunciation skills to express yourself in all situations. Speaking clearly creates mutually respectful, comprehensible, compassionate, and successful interaction with others. Our global economy thrives on creative collaboration, diverse perspectives, world viewpoints, experiences, and your unique talents. Join me. email: 713-893-7363

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About this course

American English vowels can be crazy.

American English has 

  • LONG vowels 

  • Short vowels  

  • Diphthongs - two sounds said together 

This 7 Day Crash Course gives you rules, cheat sheets, and teaches you how to say them correctly. 

Phonics Rules help explain the correct pronunciation by identifying the vowel and its place in the syllable or word. Get ready for a fast and furious course on phonics. You will learn how to divide words into syllables and the rules for determining if the vowel is a short and a long vowel sound. This is an important key for pronouncing English correctly.

Exercises - Remember, your tongue must be strong to pronounce the English vowel sounds. Do the Mouth & Tongue physical exercises every day, so you feel the slight movement for the different front, middle and back vowels.