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Julie S Ross

Julie S Ross, is a PhD Candidate, International Business Developer, Personal Coach, & Author. Currently as the Founder of the "Survive As A Woman Academy" Julie is focused in helping women achieve their potential with a Six Week Mentoring Program to help them get unstuck and ditch the overwhelm. Julie helps Christian women become authors, coaches, and global influencers who shape the culture for Christ.

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About this course

 "Survive As A Woman with Purpose  & Power Course"  

Teaches the entire step-by-step process you need, to improve your resilience and attitude, so you’re better equipped for "every challenge" that comes along. 

You will work  with me personally, to gain a deeper understanding of how God is speaking to you… and where He is leading you in life.   

You’ll discover: 

  • The ONE belief that enables to your face even the toughest situations without giving up.

  • The behavior you learned as kid that can keep you stuck as an adult— and how to break free.

  • How ordinary people learn to survive even the most desperate situations — and what they can teach you about overcoming everyday challenges in your own life.

  • The 5-minute trick for dissolving a scarcity mindset, so you can find more options, resources, and possibilities.

  • How to use the WOOP method to avoid being derailed by unexpected obstacles. 

  • How to train yourself to bounce back faster after upsets and setbacks.

  • How to shift your identity, so strength and resilience become automatic for you.

  • "Purpose & Power Gold Nuggets" the fuel you need in order  to succeed.

The course is focused -- Six Core Lessons -- and teaches everything you need to create a mindfulness practices that helps you feel calmer, clearer, with purpose & power every day.  If you need to discuss an issue or need more clarification and focus in your life, feel free to book an appointment.

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