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Skillful Teaching Online is powerful and intuitive platform that supports all aspects of your teaching including those that impact your passion and purpose. Join founder Chantill Lopez and explore cutting edge technical, repertoire-based, and personal/professional development workshops that will inspire and propel you toward more fulfilling work. Be a part of an international community of like-minded teachers searching for greater meaning and clarity in their teaching and blow the top off of your potential.

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About this Course

Most of us have been taught to “protect” the lower back at all costs. We’ve all gotten supremely good at teaching our students how to engage their lower abdominals to support their lumbar spines, yet we are not getting in there with equal fervor or even attention and teaching them how to use their deep back extensors in conjunction with more complex, challenging movements – movements that ultimately prepare the body for real life, not just sitting, standing, and walking, but the activities that really empower us - hiking, biking, gardening, swimming, playing with our kids or grandkids, skiing, marathoning, dancing, diving, and all the other worthwhile activities that help us feel vital and vibrant, not just like we are getting by.

I realize that reducing pain and increasing range of motion to restore people to their average daily activity is often our number one goal in the beginning…but too often I see teachers getting stuck here.

There are so many missed chances to safely and beautifully get a body to move into that unseen, uncharted, mysterious back body. And we need to be doing it now more than ever.

Most of us still struggle with knowing how, when, and to whom to teach extension. And I’m not just talking about the basics, I’m talking about teaching our students how to fully integrate the spine into the healthiest, fullest range movement patterns their body has the potential to achieve.

When 80% of our students walk through the door with some form of back pain – it can seem like extension is the last place we might want to go.

Our students come in with fear around their back pain, and have sometimes very strong beliefs they are not capable of back bending; the back bending is for younger folks, it’s a thing of the past.

AND I believe that one of our responsibilities as teachers is to discover ways to show our students that they have more potential than they know.

Even if you don’t have hesitations about introducing fundamental extension, I’d further bet that you haven’t been given a clear framework for progressing your students into more integrated forms of extension – you know the kind that light up a body (think rocking swan, breast stroke, standing arm springs arabesque to name a few); the kind that deeply opens the heart and the mind; the kind that most of our students don’t think they are capable of. In fact, maybe you don’t even believe they are capable. 


In this workshop you will:

  • Explore, review and relearn pivotal spinal anatomy;
  • Learn a very different way of extending the spine based on changing the apex of the curve, point of initiation, and preparing the different segments of the spine through a variety of alternative movement methods.
  • Learn the steps to take to help students develop healthy local extension as well as gross overall balanced extension of the spine;
  • Learn tools that you can integrate to engage, challenge and motivate your students to LOVE extension.