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Purejoy Parenting

Purejoy Parenting is a body of work founded and created by Leslie Potter. Trained as a body-centered psychotherapist, Leslie created the Purejoy 5-stage parenting model when she became a parent to her adopted daughter. Her inquiry practice has strongly influenced Leslie into the nature of who we truly are. From personal experience, Purejoy coaches support you in challenging your conditioned beliefs and therefore making space to live from your brilliance, in parenting and beyond. In 2020 Purejoy launched into training coaches to branch out and share the work with many more families. It is Purejoy to have you here- in our courses, led by Leslie or Jessica, learning and growing right alongside the other parents who are courageously taking responsibility for their part in relationship dynamics.

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About this course

You've been trying so hard in your parenting- nothing seems to be working.

The SacredSeat is an invitation back towards the tender parts of you that are wanting to be seen, heard, and understood.

It's a counter instinctual move and so this 30-day challenge (a journey together) is about building a container for yourself, along with others to do it.

In the Purejoy view, it is the foundational practice that as a parent you learn to offer everything you wish to give your child first to yourself.

In this course, you will be supported to establish a daily practice of true self-care.

So take the first step- you'll be so glad you did!