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Kavitha Chinnaiyan

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan is a Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine, and an initiate in the Tāntrik lineages of Śrī Vidyā and Non-dual Śaiva Tantra (also known as Kashmir Śaivisim) and has studied Advaita Vedānta, Ayurveda, and Yoga with teachers across the globe. Her workshops, courses, and writings on meditation, Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, and non-duality strive to bring these time-honored traditions to modern living in practical ways. She is the author of The Heart of Wellness (Llewellyn Publications, January 2018), Shakti Rising (New Harbinger Publications, October 2017), which won the Nautilus Gold Award for Best Books of 2017, Glorious Alchemy: Living the Lalitā Sahasranāma (New Sarum Press, UK) and Fractals of Reality: Living the Śrīcakra.

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About this course

Heart of Wellness: The Practice is a comprehensive guided program into health, lifestyle, and blissful living based on the logical and algorithmic approach of Āyurveda and supported by discoveries in modern science. It brings forth the complete understanding that well-regulated physiology contributes to neuro-hormonal balance and plays a crucial role in health and personal growth. The structure of the program allows participants to bring about transformation in all areas of life through practical application.

HOW: The Practice comes from the research and wisdom of Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan and Dr. Sumit Kesarkar. Integration of its principles is facilitated through the guidance and support of the senior students of Śabda Institute who have followed this program over an extended period of time.

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone who wishes to understand the power of their body and mind and to harness it for healing and personal growth.
  • Anyone who wishes to pursue further studies with Śabda Institute; this program is a prerequisite for the long-term Śabdācāra program.
  • Health and wellness practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of wellness and support their clients.
  • Yoga teachers who wish to bring a systematic way of integrating health and wellness into their teaching repertoire.
  • Spiritual practitioners who wish to integrate a disciplined lifestyle into their practice to deepen their spiritual path.

What’s included:

All the content from The Heart of Wellness Self-Study course with added materials.

The Bliss Meditation Self-Study Course with all the study materials.

6 group calls by the program facilitators over a period of 12 weeks.

1 one-on-one call.

Facilitated guidance through weekly prompts (a private Facebook group will be created for this purpose).

A comprehensive lifestyle guide that consolidates the course and the book.

Discount for Śabdācāra or Śabdopāya programs.

What’s not included:

If you have taken The Heart of Wellness Self-Study course, you get a discount of $150 (the cost of that course).


There will be no scope for consultations on individual health issues and laying out disease-specific guidelines. The facilitators of this program are not medical doctors. While on this program, it is important to continue with the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor, with discussions regarding medication dosage, etc with them as needed. This approach is meant to be complementary to your current regimen. The program uses the guiding principles of Āyurveda, to address the root cause of suffering in a secular way. The approach taken here is the promotion of health and wellness in a holistic way that includes the body, mind, emotions, relationships, and other aspects of life.

Guides for HOW: The Practice (June - September 2022):

Tanuka Gupta: Tanuka has been working as a licensed Clinical Psychologist for almost 3 decades with individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health disorders in India and the United Arab Emirates.

A journey of spiritual seeking brought Tanuka to Śabda Institute and her beloved Guru, Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan, and she feels extremely fortunate to be one of her Senior students and an integral part of the Institute.

Tanuka dove into the Heart of Wellness lifestyle program introduced to her in the 2019 Śabdācāra program for women and since then she has found incremental benefits to her health like regularization of menstrual cycle and alleviation of severe premenstrual symptoms, complete remission of skin inflammation like hives, increase in vitality and physical stamina, greater mental clarity and above all an abundance of enthusiasm in living life joyfully. 

The Heart of Wellness program is a lifelong guide toward holistic health and Tanuka has witnessed profound shifts in emotional well-being both in herself and other students of Dr. Chinnaiyan consistently. She is extremely grateful to bring this to others to support their journey towards wholeness and healing. 

Laura Humpf: Laura is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Yoga Therapist working with people experiencing trauma, depression, grief, shame, and the struggle to love the body one lives in. She has been in private practice in Seattle integrating Yoga therapy with mental health since 2007.

Laura began the Heart of Wellness lifestyle in the inaugural Śabdācāra program for women in 2019 under the guidance of her beloved teacher, Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan. She personally has seen countless benefits from following this lifestyle including an abundance of energy, mental clarity, emotional resilience, absence of menstrual discomfort, and harmonious relationships. In her private practice when the Heart of Wellness lifestyle is incorporated with Yoga Therapy Laura witnesses clients’ trauma symptoms (i.e. anxiety, insomnia, catastrophizing, etc.) decrease more quickly, self-care becomes more consistent, conflicts with partners and children decrease, and increased energy to focus on what clients want instead of primarily battling the challenges that initially brought them to Yoga Therapy. 

She is honored to be a student of Dr. Chinnaiyan and to have the opportunity to support others as they experience the power of the Heart of Wellness. You can learn more about Laura at

Both Tanuka and Laura have been guiding and facilitating the practical implementation of HOW with individuals and groups for the past two years.