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We support children, families, and adults in all aspects of the assessment and treatment of ADHD. Being diagnosed with ADHD is not an end. It’s a beginning. A fresh start. And with Springboard Clinic’s combined medical, psychological and coaching expertise, it’s an opportunity to find hope in every step of your ADHD journey as you move forward and thrive in your life.

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About this course

Thank you for your interest in the workshop!

Sensory sensitivities are very commonly found among the ADHD population.  However, they are not commonly recognized as some of the key culprits to daily challenges.  This occupational therapy workshop for adults with ADHD will introduce you to some of the most common sensory challenges found among the ADHD population, how they can show up in daily behaviours, and practical tools to address them.   

We have all created new environments over the past couple of years, many of them built to limit our sensory sensitivities.  As we slowly move into a world with more in-person interactions, we know the environmental change can be difficult.  In this workshop, we strive to help you better understand your sensory profile and learn strategies to manage it.

We want to provide you with insight around why you may be struggling in certain environments or activities and provide you with techniques to overcome those barriers so you can engage in the activities that are important to you.  

We will cover:

8 senses

The sensory system

The nervous system, stress response & how it affects your senses

How the sensory system shows itself in the day to day life