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The Integrative Healing Institute

At the Integrative Healing Institute we believe that transformative healing occurs through the connection of the body, mind and spirit and by understanding this connection more deeply we have an opportunity to help humanity grow and experience more peace and harmony in all aspects of our being. Our mission is to create more awareness and deeper understanding of the connection of the body, mind and spirit in healthcare through complimentary and alternative medicine research and affordable education for providers. Advancing humanity through transformative healing. Visit our website to learn more and for more courses:

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About this course

Healing at Our Edge: Conscious Living, Conscious Dying with Ram Dev Dale Borglum, PhD

Live Webinar Saturday & Sunday 11/19-11/20/22 9am-5:30pm PST  // Early Bird Discount Ends 10/19/22

Approved 15 CA / NCCAOM CEUs CEP #1650 / NCCAOM #9191

Can't make the whole weekend? Sign up for Passion & Compassion - Caregiving for Self and Others which is Day 1 of this course, approved for 8 CA / NCCAOM Hours.

Physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing, collective healing – the journey to wholeness takes many forms and has as many starting points as there are people who embark upon the journey. Each of us is at a particular point on her or his healing path, confronting our next challenge, often without clearly knowing whether attitudes or practices we have been using to facilitate growth in ourselves or in our clients are becoming stale, without knowing which direction we should now turn to create meaningful transformation.

In this workshop we will draw upon the wisdom of Buddhism, the diagnostic message coming from the connection between stages of early childhood development and energetic patterns in the adult body, as well as the softening and the passion of an open heart. Having explored these wisdom traditions during 30 years of being a guide to the dying, a clear and practical paradigm for the healing path has become apparent to me. Healing occurs through direct contact with the Sacred, through realization of our true nature. There are no shortcuts, but certainly neither taking unnecessary detours nor spending time spinning our wheels can inspire us along what is often a difficult journey to a life consciously lived. 

During this workshop we will explore together a clear, concise and usable model of the healing process that can specifically diagnose and identify the next step that is transformational for each of us, even during crisis. Short, intensive, guided meditations and other practices will be presented in order to create a healing experience that will lead to a life consciously and compassionately lived and eventually to a conscious death. We're all caregivers and are all seekers of healing. These deeply uncertain times are an incredible opportunity

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. Describe the defining characteristics of compassion.
  2. Distinguish between compassion and pity.
  3. Fully understand the somatic foundation for being able to let go of identification with separateness.
  4. Understanding how to transmute the separateness of grief into the connectedness of compassion.
  5. Be familiar with several contemplative practices that will help a client transmute fear of dying into acceptance.
  6. Skillfully work with one’s own fear of death as it is resonated by the client’s situation.
  7. Enable one’s client to use the prognosis of a life-threatening illness as an opportunity to become more present and alive.

Refund Policy: Full refund given if requested 7 days prior to course start. Partial refund (75%) given if requested within 7 days of course start. No refunds offered on or after course begins.

The Live Webinar is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday 11/19 and 11/20/22 from 9am - 5:30pm PST

Course notes and the link for the webinar will be released on Friday 11/18

You must attend the Live presentation to earn CE credits.

We are looking forward to sharing this information with you! 

The Integrative Healing Institute

About the presenter - Ram Dev Dale Borglum, PhD

Founded the conscious dying movement in America 44 years ago with Ram Dass and Stephen Levine and have been teaching on the topic of conscious living, conscious dying ever since. I have taught with Ram Dass, Stephen Levine, Joan Halifax, Joanna Macy, Jack Kornfield, Annie Lamott, Jai Uttal, Bob Thurman, Krishna Das and many others.

I have studied the intersection of meditation, energy medicine, the chakras, martial arts, Buddhism, devotional practices and conscious dying for 50 years.

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