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Kim Hallin

Hi, I'm Kim. I'm the author of "Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity" and the owner/founder of Unbridled LLC, a unique equine experiential learning business in Charleston, South Carolina. Through my Ruzuku online classes and membership programs I offer very affordable learning options for students who enjoy self-paced remote learning or who want to supplement their hands-on experiential learning at Unbridled with online materials and support.

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About this course

Regardless of what sector of the horse industry you work (or hope to launch a business) in, the Horse-Centered Practitioner will reconnect you with your own higher instincts, increase your confidence around doing (and saying) things differently, provide a safe space to "un-learn" much of what's traditionally taught in the industry, and give you loads of practical ideas and tools to play around with as you join Kim Hallin in re-envisioning a kinder, more compassionate path forward. Best of all, this self-paced course will assure you that you're not alone (and that you're most certainly not crazy for questioning the way things "have always been done"!).  

Your guide for this online course (Kim Hallin) is the author of Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity. Kim is a pioneer in designing equine programs and services that are equally healing and mutually supportive for both horses and humans. She is deeply committed to supporting other equine professionals who are passionate about doing the same, while encouraging you to embrace your own unique and creative vision!

The core of this course is 15+ hours of powerful live video footage of Kim teaching and explaining her unique approach to working with horses and humans in a mutually healing and empowering way. Many of the recordings include dynamic small group discussions with a wide variety of equine professionals who have participated in Kim's live trainings, virtual retreats and webinars. You will also gain direct access to some of Kim’s favorite resources and tools.

This self-paced online learning experience is designed to allow you to work through the content at your own pace. Students can post comments and questions directly to Kim in the discussion sections, and engage with other students as well. The Horse-Centered Practitioner is much more than an online course; it's a community of like-minded professionals supporting one another in thinking outside the box and truly putting the horses first! Graduates of the course are invited to join Kim's exclusive mastermind program, "The Sacred Space that Holds Us", a weekly virtual Zoom support group. 


Below is a bulleted list of everything you’ll gain immediate, convenient and lifelong access to when you enroll:

  • A FREE .pdf version of Kim's book, Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity.

  • Five recorded interviews and/or podcasts with pioneering horse women including Ginny Jablonski, Hillary Schneider, Wendy Murdoch and Lynda Watson who have hosted Kim on their podcasts (6 hours of content). These conversations will delight and inspire, plus you can ask Kim follow-up questions or share photos and attachments using the robust discussion feature in the classroom.

  • The video recording of a dynamic 90-minute LIVE interactive, guided herd observation Kim recently led at the PATH Region 3 Conference, including Q&A with the attendees, plus related downloadable handouts. This presentation was so much fun!

  • Recordings of the original Horse Centered Practitioner three-part webinar series held in May 2022, including the dynamic small-group discussions (more than 4 hours of recorded content), plus printable handouts of Kim's slides.

  • A video recording of Kim's original groundbreaking educational series from 2020 entitled To Observe Horses is to Know Horses.

  • A short video and related handout Kim co-produced in partnership with FreeHorse Arts on the Principles of a Healthy Horse Herd. These principles are directly related to a healthy human herd as well!
  • Additional original educational content on important topics for any horse-centered practitioner (or horse owner) to understand, including equine vision, resource guarding and sleep deprivation in domestic horses, as well as an educational short on why mares are so “mareish”.

If you're ready to release your sense of obligation to the way things are in order to join a movement that's actively proving it's possible to put the horses FIRST as we design and implement our equine businesses, Kim is ready to welcome you into this very special human herd with open arms!